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L'Oreal Dreamland Margate Just A UniformL'Oreal Dreamland Margate Just A UniformWell hello there beautiful humans! If you are based in the U.K I hope you had an epic Bank Holiday Weekend? Can you believe how amazing the weather was for it? Mine was spent in Cheshire with some of my favourite people. We had a whole day in the sun, drinking Pimm’s, having a BBQ and relaxing. Oh and there was incredible cheese too!……..Very important. It was my favourite day of 2018 so far. Big statement but it’s a true story. It appeared that this epic weather had everyone living their best lives and Instagram was full of smilies. It was great to see a lot of the freelance world making the most of it. I saw lots of insta stories saying “There was meant to be a new blog post tonight but I’m having a bbq instead.” And yeah I was all over that! Life is too short to not enjoy the good times, don’t you think?L'Oreal Dreamland Margate Just A UniformL'Oreal Dreamland Margate Just A UniformL'Oreal Dreamland Margate Just A UniformL'Oreal Dreamland Margate Just A UniformL'Oreal Dreamland Margate Just A UniformTalking about having a good time, last week I had the pleasure of attending L’Oreal’s Fun Fairista at Dreamland in Margate (Apologies for the extremely tedious DJ type link there). As many of you will know I spend a lot of time in Margate so when L’Oreal announced that their Fun Fairista event was going to be held there, I most certainly did a very loud woop woop. Fun Fairista was a celebration of all things L’Oreal, they took over the whole of the fun fair and man alive did they transform the place into a L’Oreal Dreamland.

I got to test out lots of their phenomenal products including their new Colorista hair make up. This product is basically a camilians fantasy, you can switch and ditch your hair colour as often as you like. Adding green tips one day and pink highlights the next. Do let me know in the comments below if you would like to see a tutorial?

 It was so blammin cool to have free reign of the whole of Dreamland and of course we took full advantage of this. My rainbow trousers were papped all over Dreamland, on the carousel, skating across the roller disco, going round the big wheel, you name it they were there. It is fair to say that I am utterly obsessed with my new rainbow truis. BudLightMargate-4Before I dash off you may have noticed that something has slightly changed???? YAAAASSS I have new hair and I am totally and utterly  in love with it. What do you think? The guys at Solarium Point really are hair super heroes. I think pink and purple are set to be my summer colours, well until I change…….

What colour would you love to see my hair?



Photography – Flashlight and Foghorn

If you too need these rainbow trousers in your life (and why would you not?) click on the photo below to shop. 

If you fancy shopping the rest of my wardrobe, you can find all the pieces I’m loving right now on my GET SHOPPING MY STYLE page. I update it daily with new in pieces, what can I say…. I like to shop!


  1. Ahhh love the new hair!! I’ve always loved a light lavender color. I’m sure whatever color you wear looks amazing! 😘

    1. Ahhh thank you so much!! Yes it is fading to a lavender and I’m loving it 💜💜💜💜

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