Just A Uniform - LeedsJust A Uniform - LeedsWell hello there you lovely lot! And dare I say it, WELCOME TO SPRING! You bet I’ve been singing “the sun has got his hat on” all day, not annoying at all. There is something about that big yellow thing in the sky that makes everyone that little bit happier. Oh gosh, there I go again talking about the weather. Well talking of Sunny days, a couple of weeks back myself and Jay went on a sunny weekend jaunt to Leeds. At the beginning of the year I told you I was on a staycation quest and I couldn’t think of a better place to start that quest than Leeds.

Leeds hold a very special place in my heart, it is where I met Jay, where I went to uni and it’s where I learnt to party. Did I just say learnt to party? Yup I did, it is a very important part of life dontcha know. Yorkshire folk are some of the friendliest people I know, my talk to anyone nature is right at home there. The temperature outside may often be cold but whenever I visit Yorkshire I leave feeling warm.

So yes, if you fancy visiting a U.K city this Spring / Summer, I highly recommend Leeds. Where should I go in Leeds I hear you cry? Keep reading and I’ll tell ya…. Just A Uniform - LeedsJust A Uniform - LeedsWe started our day at The Grub and Grog Shop, which is on the South Bank, just outside the city centre. Make sure you use google maps for this one, as you won’t happen to stumble across it. It’s the sort of place you would only know about if you were a local, fortunately for me I have the Internet and a researcher called Jay. Fortunately for you, you’re reading this. I could have stayed in Grub and Grog all day, the coffee was gooooood, the food was from scratch and the vibe was super chilled.

I had two oat milk flat whites and I could have easily gone in for a third. I also had the kimchi pancakes, with fried eggs, greens and chilli, which was delish. It wasn’t before long that I realised that Grub and Grog was much more than ‘just’ a brunch spot. It sold a plethora of succulents, held Mario Kart nights and also transformed into a party on an evening. I left caffinated, with a new succulent called Jeff and a guide to the North’s best coffee spots. It’s the only book I’ve read from page to page for quite some time.

If you have time I highly recommend having a walk along the River Aire after Grub and Grog visit, especially if the weather is nice. I used to spend many a sunny day drinking cocktails at the river side bars. Head towards Oracle bar, which will place you just across the river from The Calls. Just A Uniform - LeedsJust A Uniform - LeedsThe Calls is my favourite part of the city, it is filled with cool bars, boutique hotels, record stores and the most phenomenal vintage shops. It is what Shoreditch is to London and The Northern Quarter is to Manchester. It’s cool, you heard it here first! Talking of cool, I just had to get myself to Blue Rinse Vintage, more for the memories than anything. When I was at Uni nearly everything I wore was vintage, Blue Rinse was my main supplier for my vintage addiction. It is situated right next to The Corn Exchange, which is an absolute must too.

Just down the road from The Calls we discovered Single Shot, a record shop, selling craft beers, coffee and vintage vinyl. It is a little creative hangout. They also do lots of gigs catering to a whole array of music tastes. If it is good vibes you’re after, take yourself there.  Just A Uniform - LeedsJust A Uniform - LeedsThis is just my little slice of the Leeds that I love, there is so much more to see. Please do pop me a message if you have any questions about Leeds or maybe you’ve been? I would absolutely love it if you shared your favourite spots with me?

Where would you like me to visit next?



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    1. Thank you so much lovely!! It is such a fab city, I’d love to hear if you do visit. BIG LOVE 💓

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