OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFinOnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-15OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-10OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-9One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow. Spring is that you? No don’t be ridiculous, the U.K seems to have fast forwarded to Autumn or actually have we even left Winter? Yes, us Brits talk about the weather A LOT, come here, you’ll see why! I’m one hell of a patient woman, but quite frankly my Spring 18 wardrobe is far too epic to wait around for that big yellow thing in the sky. So I decided to embrace it, I’m wearing my Spring garms and not even Jack Frost can stop me!

Okay so I totally froze to death and most definitely winged about it 8234 times, but I’m so blammin chuffed with how the photos turned out. Makes the pneumonia almost worth it!OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-3OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-8OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-4 So I know what you’re thinking, how dare I come back with a post, without even an explanation for my recent absence. “Like hello Shiv where the dog have you been?” The truth, I’ve been trying to figure out the direction I want to take Just A Uniform. In particular, I’ve been experimenting with the style of my photos. I’m done with posing without a purpose, I want to tell a story through my photos. There’s still a lot of work to be done but I have found a path and I intent to walk all the way along it.

This is of course with a lot of help from Jay and our new venture, Flashlight and Foghorn. Since we spoke last Jay has gone freelance, we upped our camera game and Jay is becoming quite the photographer. He will totally tell me off for saying this as he is his harshest critic. You could say we’re growing together, we’re on an phenomenal journey and it’s giving me all the happy feels. OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-6OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-7OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-12Anyhow less about me, more about fashion. I’m am chuffed to bits to have gotten my hands on a slice of Emily and Fin’s Spring / Summer collection. Their clothes for me represent everything I love about British Fashion; beautifully made, wonderful prints and vintage cuts. This dress fits like a dream and makes me feel super confident. Oh and did I mention it has pockets?

If you want to get ahead get a hat, berets have been a huge part of my wardrobe of late. I challenge you to name a colour I don’t have a beret in. Great for covering up unwashed hair, roots that need doing, keeping your noggin warm and they can be worn in so many different ways. I absolutely love finding them in vintage shops, much like I do my sunglasses. Some people collect stamps (so I’m told), I collect vintage hats and glasses.

Hoops, I was a fan in the 90’s, in 2003 and yup I’m still a fan now. I am so glad hoop earrings have made a come back in 2018, for me it is all about the gold this time around. I have worn these hoop earrings every day since I got them and I can’t see them disappearing any time soon. OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-11OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-13OnTheSearchForSpring-EmilyAndFin-14So there you have it kids, a glimpse into my spring wardrobe, a life update and a picnic, Just A Uniform style. I’ll see you real soon!



Photography – Flashlight and Foghorn

I’ve put together a similar look below! Click on the photos to be taken straight to the pieces, dangerous, I know.

If you fancy shopping my wardrobe, you can find all the pieces I’m loving right now on my GET SHOPPING MY STYLE page. I update it daily with new in pieces, what can I say…. I like to shop!



  1. These photos are stunning – especially those close ups!! Jay is quite the talent and you set to be quite the team as Flashlight and Foghorn.
    Ps Oh and that wine shot 😍

    1. Thank you so much Amy! I’m so excited to share with you what is to come 💓😊 ps- The wine shot was totally Jay’s idea 👌👌

  2. Really lovely words Shiv- you totally nailed this look and the photos are beautiful. So happy you’re on your journey together and I think your honesty is really lovely. You always look beautiful but it’s refreshing to know others need to take a step back to think about things too. Now- can we have some more sunshine please? Lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you ever so much for these lovely words ☺️☺️☺️ the sunshine ☀️ is coming I can feel it 😍💙😍

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