Just A UniformJust A UniformHello beautiful humans! The past week has seen a whole load of celebrations towards all the amazing women in the world, and well, how do I put it, it’s been making me feel all warm and fuzzy. Don’t get me wrong men, you totally rock and yeah I agree with my cousin, there should be a day dedicated to men too. I mean if there is a day dedicated to pizza, I think we can make this happen? But the over the last week it has been about women. So I thought I’d tell you all about a phenomenal woman I know, my Mum! Oh and before we get into it, those of you that came over purely to see the super old embarrassing photos, I see you, I’d totally do the same. Just A UniformJust A UniformSo here she is, my Mum, Maureen, Mo, Mozza and when she’s in a fighting mood, Mozzatron. She’s also known as the coolest, best mum in the world, just ask any of my friends, I’ll come on to that in a mo.

So lets start at the beginning shall we? I feel like I’m going to go a bit This Is Your Life, shall we just roll with it? Okay, brill…… Born in the 50’s, raised in North London, the eldest of six children and sent to a convent school. I don’t think the Nun’s were quite ready for my Mum, she’s not much of a conformist, nor is she the traditional type. My Mum’s proudest moment of  school is when she made a story up on the spot. Convincing the class and her teacher that she was reading from her homework book. Fact of the matter is, that page was blank, she was thinking on the spot. You could say she’s always been good at improvising.

Whilst the Nuns were trying to train my mum for motherhood, my mum was conjuring up much bigger ideas for the start of her adulthood. So off she went, leaving the family home at 18, getting a job, moving to Scotland and then wizzing through the 70’s on the back of a motorbike round the likes of Thailand and Spain. Mum was pretty determined to live her 20’s the way she wanted to, I think it is fair to say she did just that!

As my Mum entered her 30’s most people had written off that she would have children. In the 80’s it was almost unheard of to have your first child in your 30’s but in true Mozza style, she did becoming a parent her way and when she was ready. Just A UniformJust A UniformFrom the moment I was born, myself and Mozza were more like best friends rather than traditional Mother and Daughter. I mean my Mum has been a VERY good friend, she has done A LOT for me.

So I thought now would be the perfect time to list all the roles my Mum has had over the years and show you just how wonderful she has been to me.

  1. Taxi Driver – Pre 17 Mozza was a very underpaid taxi driver, not only did she take me to and from school (I definitely could have got the bus), she also ferried me to my horse twice a day, EVERYDAY. She carted me to many a social occasion, shopping, the cinema and then as I got older the local nightclub. To be honest she’s still on call to this very day, need a lift to the station anyone?
  2. Driving instructor – Following on from the taxi driver, when I turned 17 I couldn’t wait to be able to drive. Every night after she finished work, I dragged my poor mum out for driving practise. Fortunately this was a short but intensive 3 months. Once I passed I thanked her by stealing her car and making her get the train to work every day… wow what an amazing daughter I was.
  3. Cool Mum – Yup my Mum was the cool Mum. My house was where you stayed over at the weekend, you told your Mum that you were having a sleepover and going to the cinema. When in reality you were dancing the night away at The View Nightclub. My Mum even brought you a cooked breakfast in bed the next day and your tea just the way your liked it.
  4. Travel Agents (AKA Mo’s travels) – There is nothing my Mum loves more than travelling, she also loves a deal, so look no further if you want to get away! Mozza is rather spontaneous, which has led to us going away on spare of the moment trips more often than you can imagine. I think her pinnacle was my Vegas hen do, what a trip that was!
  5. Accountant – Myself and my mum are very alike in many ways but this is one area we couldn’t be more opposite. She is amazing at the money, I have never met a person who makes money out of the banks, like my mum does. Like I said before, if there is a deal to made, my mum is there. At one time she wangled it so Tesco were paying her to buy food from them, Martin Lewis better watch his back. Anyhow, I totally use Maureen to her strengths when it comes to this area.
  6. Cheerleader – Now I don’t mean in the give me a S, give me an I kinda of way, although some times I feel like she could be doing that in her head. I mean in that she is always cheering me on to do what ever I want to do! My Mum has always believed in me, she taught me I can be and do whatever I want. You want to quit you job and be a blogger? “Go for it Shiv, even though I have absolutely no idea what that is.”

Just A Uniform

A couple of years later here we are! She’s on every social media platform going, she hands my business cards out to complete strangers and sometime she even poses for photos. Which p.s she is well chuffed with how many likes this has on Insta.

So when Lipcote asked me what my Mum taught me, I replied, “She taught me I could do anything.” Thank you Mum, you rock!



I’d absolutely love to hear all about an amazing woman in your life? What has she taught you? Lets have a chat in the comments below.


  1. It made me think about all the awesome things my mum does for me and I would genuinely like to thank you for sharing this story. Believe it or not, it was such a throwback ❤️

    I have a fashion blog and I post regularly:) I would love for you to have a look 👀

    Are you based in London?

    1. Oh I am so happy to hear about this!!! Yes, I would love to check your blog out. I’m Kent based but come to London regularly, how about you? BIG LOVE

    1. Ahhh thank you beauty!!! And wahooo to international men’s day…. all for equality 😘😘

  2. What a sweet post! Love hearing all the different roles your mother has played in your life over the years. You two look fabulous- I can tell the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree xx

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