WHY am I Obsessively Watching The Likes?

Just A UniformThis post, right here, is a message to myself to stop being so ridiculous! Over the past few months I have been obsessively/unhealthily watching the likes on my Instagram photos, watching them like my life depended on it. I have been letting those double taps on Instagram determine how I feel about myself and the content that I am publishing. THIS IS CRAZY, I am not that person, and it has left me wondering, what the hell has happened to me?

As a teen I was that gal that was full of confidence, the gal who did her own thing and the girl who never really requested anyones approval. I saw those girls, the ones that used to follow the popular girls round, copying everything they did. You know, Regina George style, when she wears a tee with slits over her bra and then all of a sudden they’re all doing it? I was never that girl! And yet here I am, watching Instagram like it’s the the popular girl, hanging on its every word, desperately seeking approval.

Just A UniformJust A UniformJust A UniformJust A UniformJust A UniformThose likes have been effecting how I feel. A photo gets above 500 likes, it’s great, it makes me smile, it’s almost euphoric. The next photo gets below and well, I’m a failure, take the photo down, what was I even thinking…….

No seriously, what am I actually thinking?

This could really easily turn into a whine about how Instagram isn’t showing my photos to my followers, how the algorithm is out to get me and bla bla blah. BUT this isn’t about that. Yes, it is true some of my photos reach 5,000 of you and others are lucky to reach 1,000 of you, and yeah, that is pretty annoying. However I currently don’t have much control over that, so really I need to get over it. I’ve never been that into numbers, so why I currently spend more time on insights than I do stroking my adorable cat, really is a mystery. What is it they say? There’s lies, damm lies and then there’s statistics.

Yup, all of a sudden I’m a statistician. You want to know how many profile visits I’ve had this week? I can tell you. You want to know how may impressions I’ve had this week? I can tell you. You want to know…. okay you get the picture. This isn’t healthy, this has turned obsessive, this isn’t the reason I started posting photos to Instagram.

I need to go back to this, back to the reason I started posting photos to Instagram in the first place. It was never to seek approval and it was certainly never to get more likes than my last photo. I started posting to Instagram because I love sharing my style with you, I wanted to pop a bit more colour into your lives, I wanted to show you that you can wear whatever you want, when you want. I wanted to tell you to do you!

Just A Uniform is a play on words, It’s about the uniform that we unconsciously follow. Sequins are for Christmas, florals are for spring, suits are for work, glitter is for festivals, you get the picture. I wanted to show you that you can wear your own uniform and that you don’t need to follow anyones rules.

Just A UniformJust A UniformSo you’ll be pleased to know, I’ve had a word with myself. I’m no longer going to be watching those likes. If I’ve decided that it is worthy of my Instagram feed, then it must been blamin’ phenomenal.



Photography – Fifi Newbery


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  1. I have fallen into this trap too and it’s a dangerous one to be in! Glas that you are going to try and let go of it- I think it’s something we all need to do once in a while!

    1. It is so dangerous! Doesn’t it make you feel terrible? I’m feeling much more like my positive self today, wahoo let’s rock this week!!!

      BIG LOVE


  2. I think this post is so relatable. Of course, there is a need for approval behind all of this but also, when you spend time creating something, you want people to like it and those likes are a way to measure it. Which is a bit stupid. But I think we all fall into that trap and at least you realized, which is the first step to having a word with yourself as you said and change. xx corinne

    1. Hey Corinne, thank you do much for reading! Yes it is so true, the likes are a way of measuring but so easy to get caught up in that hey? Especially when your followers may not even have seen your post. Glad to know I’m not alone, here’s to creating amazing content.

      BIG LOVE


  3. I found myself nodding the whole way through this ha It’s so hard! We share things that we love with the world and it feels great if other people like it too but there are so many reasons why some posts get more love than others… most out of our hands! I do get disheartened though and it makes me scared to post a photo of myself rather than a wall or something. It’s silly and it needs to stop. Love attracts love so we’ve just gotta keep doing what we love and the people that love it too will naturally gravitate 🙂

    1. No idea how I missed this beauty!!! Couldn’t agree more with everything that you have said…. love does attract love and thank goodness the world is filled with lovely people like you 😘😘😘

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