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Just A Uniform x River IslandJust A Uniform x River IslandJust A Uniform x River Island

Hello and welcome to a new little segment, Just A Trend! Yes it did take me far too long to come up with this snazzy category. Basically I want to start talking trends with you more, whether they are straight from fashion week or straight from the new in section on our most loved shopping sites, it’s good to know what’s coming. This means we can start planning and start thinking about how these trends can fit in with our style. I mean this sounds v serious, I promise you it’s fun, who doesn’t love creating a virtual basket?

There are so many wonderful trends coming our way as we edge, okay freeze our way in to Spring / Summer 2018. Honestly what is up with the weather? But today I want to talk to you about GREEN! Green was my favourite colour as a child, green(ery) was the 2017 Pantone colour of the year, green is all over the highstreet at the moment, in a nutshell GREEN ROCKS!

River Island Green Purse

Just A Uniform x River IslandJust A Uniform x River Island

River Island Green Jumper

The green trend starting in Autumn last year, where we saw lots of darker shades of green coming onto the high street. This forest green shade made me scream hallelujah, it offered an alternative palette to all those black clothes wearers out there. I’ve even managed to get my grey clothes wearing husband into it. Forest green is a winner, it can work for everyone!

If you’re a colour avoider and not sure if you can get on board with this trend, start with some green accessories. Try a green purse or a green bag and you know, see how it makes you feel. You can easily pair it with black for a safe option, (nope I can’t believe I’m suggesting this either) or you can up the anti and add in some primary colours. My blue hair and these dreamy yellow mules are a match made in green heaven as far as I’m concerned. Now they say red and green should never be seen, but I’m totally going to add some red to my green looks too. Rules are there to be broken, right?

As we head into Spring green is going nowhere! From green striped suits to green tees, green is here to stay, can I get a woop woop….. too much? The darker shades of green are hanging around whilst their more muted friends start to make an appearance. I’m talking pistachio, get stocking up, because it is going to huge!! Millennial pink can you please step aside? Now if only I could find my pistachio jeans I bought in 1998.

Just A Uniform x River IslandRiver Island Yellow Mules

I’d love to know whether you have tried the green trend yet? What have you bought? If you haven’t are you now tempted to give it a go?

Well if you do want to get involved in the GREEN trend, here are a few pieces that I’ve had my eye on 




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