Just A Uniform

I’m starting here, with the truth, the past few days I have felt absolutely cream cracked! Even the endless amount of coffee hasn’t been able to get me out of my fashion week coma. Yes, just like many seasons before I have what I am now officially naming, fashion week burn out. It’s all self inflicted, I’m not expecting any sympathy! I just have to ask myself, why on earth do I do it?

The answer is pretty simple, I have a bad case of FOMO, especially when it comes to fashion week. I just can’t help myself, I say yes to absolutely everything, I mean why wouldn’t I? Fashion is my love, some days I have to pinch myself that I even get to attend fashion week. The problem is, as I get more established in the fashion world, I get invited to more and more. So unless someone has figure out how to split me into four, I simply can not do it all. Nice problem to have, I hear you say, and yes I totally agree with you.

Just A Uniform

This burnout, or “over doing it” as my parentals like to call it, isn’t’ exclusive to fashion week. In fact it is probably a by monthly occurrence. As soon as I forget how exhausted I make myself, I pack my I Cal full of events, then try to do work and everyday life at the same time. Basically, I’m 33 and I still haven’t learnt. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child, maybe it’s because I’m Aquarian or maybe it’s because I just love socialising. As part of my 2018 goals I made a pact with myself to say NO more. To be honest with you, throughout January I did quiet well, I stuck to my 1 day a week in London rule. I hadn’t really challenged myself though, January is always a quiet one. So poof here we are in February and cream cracked, when will I ever learn?

Just A UniformAnyhow I better shoot I need to practice saying NO 3000 times before bed.

I’d Love to know, do you find it hard to say no? Do you get FOMO? Or are you someone that needs to say yes more? Maybe we would help each other out?

BIG LOVE, Siobhan

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  1. I totally agree. I wrote a post a while back about the same thing ( – if you want to check it out!) and since then I’ve been very careful to slow things down. I don’t blog full time so I can’t fully relate, but I totally feel a difference from skipping out on the twitter chats, and planning posts way ahead. My relationship with my husband and my down time is much more important than having loads of blog content. If I’m too knackered to actually write the posts to the best I can, then what’s the point?!

    1. This is such a fab point!! Im totally back on my mojo and feeling all the positive vibes thanks to babes like you xxx

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