London Fashion Week – What it’s really like!

On your marks, get set, go! Friday saw the start of my favourite time of the year, Fashion Week! This season I’m going to be sharing absolutely everything there is to know about my time at fashion week. Look at this as my diary entry, it’s going to be honest and I am going to share what it is really like.

Yes, that oh so glam life that you think I live (especially at this time of year) isn’t really as glossy as it appears.

LFW 2018
Friday started on a high, the sun was shining and it was one of those really beautiful crisp winter days. I was up bright and early, ready to get stuck in to a busy day at London Fashion Week. Central London was quiet, I grabbed some breakfast, some (very essential) coffee and watched on as a fellow blogger posed for her LFW street style photos. As she came back in to the coffee shop and changed into her next outfit, carefully trying not to reveal her body parts to the whole of London, I chuckled, as I had been in the exact same position many times over. Yeah I’ve even got changed on the street, see I told you it was glam!

Anyhow today there was no outfit changes for me, I had an epic baby blue striped number on and it was staying firmly on my body all day. My shoes were the only thing that I may want to change by the time 8pm came. Heels for a whole day at London Fashion Week for the girl that never wears heels? I had clearly lost it, but hey they were far too marvellous to not make an appearance. The pain was going to be totally worth it, I was sure. Fashion week is cardio, you’ll never walk so much in your entire life. One day I’ll have a car that’ll drive me around but until then, I’ll just be grateful for the exercise.

Porridge had been eaten and coffee had been drank as I made my way to the first presentation on my schedule. On route I am stopped by a stylist who had just left the presentation I am heading to. He asks to take my photo, we talk about fashion, the week ahead and basically have a good ol’ natter. I barely take 10 steps and then I bump into a fellow blogger, she has also come from the presentation. This is the thing I love the most about fashion week, meeting new faces and catching up with all those amazing faces, that I normally just see through my phone. Fashion week is the time we get to see each other, as most of the time we are sat at home, alone, creating content.

I eventually make it to Swiss Cottage for the XU ZHI presentation, it a beautifully chilled vibe and is a wonderful start to what will soon become a more chaotic fashion week. The whole collection is inspired by Jane Morris, in particular artist Rossetti’s obsession with Jane Morris. The bright colours and textures particularly catch my eye. I talk about the collection to a few more new faces and head on my way to Estee Lauder’s head office.

LFW 2018  They are hosting a Jaded London LFW pop up at their SmashBox Studios, which I knew I couldn’t miss. Jaded London are my go to brand for everything cool, sequins and damm right amazing. I meet photographer and videographer Sian there, I have hired her for LFW to film behind the scenes and take those essential street style shots. She has already snapped some amazing images at LFW, her street style photography is pukka.

Just A Uniform LFW 2018Just A Uniform LFW 2018Just A Uniform LFW 2018After mentally buying everything from Jaded I head on over to Duck and Dry for a bit of R&R. Prep Social have invited me to get LFW ready, basically the absolute dream. Duck and Dry sort my barnet out and Benefit tame my brows. I leave feeling like a new woman and yes, you’re right, this part is rather glossy and glam. Not many people get their hair did as part of their job, someone has to do it right?

Sian shoots this epic street style shot of me on my way to the shows, first up is Pam Hogg, and thats where the not so glam life really begins.

Just A Uniform LFW 2018We arrive at Fashion Scout super early as Pam is the highlight of fashion week for me. Her collection each season is always wow, wow, wow. Pam is so phenomenal that within 30 minutes of us getting there, the rest of London appears. The street style is incredible, LOADS OF COLOUR, the photographers are having the time of their lives! I get asked to pose for photos and also get interviewed with some of my friends. We even get asked about our views on alpaca clothing, but thats a whole other blog post. Fashion Week can be extremely random at times.

The queue is a good couple of hundred deep by now, if not more, a few hours past, the sun goes down, it starts to get rather cold and then unfortunately the show is full. Some are left extremely disappointed but hey that’s just the way fashion week is sometimes. You queue, you get cold (especially in February), and in some cases you don’t get in. So you get over it, you realise how incredible it is that you are even attending and wait in line for the next show, Dee by Daliah, which I get FROW at, so there you go……. The glam life as I know it.

Be sure to press play below to watch my first day at LFW vlog, the Dee by Daliah show is in there. I’m about to go and do it all over again and do you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world!



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