Styling my Short Hair with Remington Air Plates

Just A Uniform Blue Hair-3Just A Uniform Short Hair-3I am more than sure that you probably know by now that my hair is my thang! It’s been purple, its been green and it’s been blammin rainbow for goodness sake, but that is a whole other blog post. It has also be long, short and everything in between. My hair is my ultimate fashion accessory, it is always there and I am always looking for it to be on point. I mean, I’m not quiet sure when I started saying “on point” but I just did so let’s roll with it. Some days I fully achieve this “on point” look and others, well….. that’s where my hat addiction comes in. One thing for sure though is that if ever I am having a bad hair day, Remington styling tools are usually there to save the day. I have their hair dryer, I have their wand, but the star of the show and the one I couldn’t live without is their Air Plates.

Here’s a super snazzy video to  show you how I use them on my short hair.

Lets get down to the facts about the Remington Air Plates, from my perspective:

  1. They are super easy to use.
  2. I can curl my hair with them, if I can do it so can you.
  3. The outside stays cool whilst styling so even I manage not burn myself. This also means that you have more control when styling.
  4. There are 5 heat setting, which makes it kinder on my bleached hair.
  5. They heat up super quick, perfect for our busy lives.
  6. The suspended plates mean that they don’t drag on your hair.
  7. The suspended plates also mean that you can fit more of your hair into the straightener, which means styling is even quicker than normal.

Basically they rock my world and if you don’t already own a pair, I highly recommend that you get purchasing, or even better, hint rather heavily to a loved one for V day! I promise they will change your hair world forever. Oh and pssssstttt, they are currently half price, £40 for a life changing piece of titanium?? What a deal!

I’d absolutely love to know if you’d like to see more hair related content so do drop me a line below, go on, let’s have a chat.







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