Just A Uniform - Radley-4
Radley Bag
Just A Uniform - Radley-9
Gold OTK Boots (aka sassiest boots around) 

Just A Uniform - Radley-18Wahoooooooo it is finally here, February!!!! Is it just me or did January feel like it was 846 days long? Poor January, I don’t think anyone cares for it, it is definitely the most hated month of the year. Then along comes February and poof we’re happy again. It gives us all a bit of hope and instantly it becomes the popular one. The days start getting that little bit longer as the sun tries to come out of it’s deep slumber. Is it just me or are we all now extremely desperate for more sunlight? It is also the month of LOVE, yes I am a big fan of the V Day, any day that promotes love is A OK with me. I’ll be sure to talk about this some more closer to the time but for now lets stick with the whole 28 days that is February.

February is also my birthday month, I am a BIG fan of birthdays. I much prefer them to Christmas, it is the one day where you get to celebrate you! And just an FYI, you are totally worth celebrating.

And if all that wasn’t enough, it is the most exciting month for Fashion! Not only is it Fashion Month (my favourite time of year) but also the high street stores have gone from zero to hero. It is like over night the spring / summer fairies have been in and poof, the high street is exciting again.

With this is mind I am fully invested in updating my Spring attire, floaty dresses I’m coming for you!

*Before we go any further I would just like to apologise for the amount of hair touching in this post, I don’t know what came over me, it was rather windy, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. 

Just A Uniform - Radley-7
Heart Dress

Just A Uniform - RadleyIf you too would like to fill your wardrobe with floaty dresses, and seriously why wouldn’t you? I strongly recommend you head to & Other Stories. I AM OBSESSED with their recent drop. Kid in sweet shop springs to mind. This dress screams V day and I couldn’t be happier about it. I am also having a huge moment with red, it’s the perfect colour partner to blue, basically give me all the primary colours and I’m happy.

Matching this dress to what is now know as the Mary Poppins Bag worked out to be the best decision I made all day. The mix of tones just works, it sort of shouldn’t, but it does! The Radley Bag is an absolute dream, I can not tell you the last time I took just the one bag for a day in London. I am known on the grapevine as two bag vorn, I mean I just made that up but imagine if it was true? Anyhow, It fits everything in it, camera, phone, 286 lipsticks, perfume, tripod….EVERYTHING! It is all thanks to the magic zip opening that goes all the way round, which means you can use the space to its full potential. In true Radley style there are also lots of really handy compartments inside, which is just as well, as theres nothing I love more than an organised handbag. Man alive my coolness astounds me sometimes.

Talking of coolness, how cool are these OTK boots? One good thing about having fashion sense is that is a bit out of the norm, is that all the “out there” pieces often end up in the sale. That is the case for these sassy boots! I got them for an absolute bargain bonanza price. I already have them in grey and I can confirm that:

  1. They make your legs look like you stole them from Kate Moss.
  2. They are super comfortable.
  3. They don’t fall down.
  4. You will never take them off.
Just A Uniform - Radley-25
Art Deco Gold Hoops

Anyway time to put my faux fur back on and stop pretending it’s double figures outside. A girl can dream right?

What’s your favourite month of the year? Have you started picking up some spring / summer pieces. Leave me a comment, I’d love to have a chat.

Big Love,


Photos by Sarah Treacher

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    1. Thank you soooo much beauty! Your support (including for the hair touching) means the world. BIG LOVE xxx

    1. It has been super amazing so far, but super busy!! Daily vlogging is a bit crazy, but I love it. Hope yours has been epic too? BIG LOVE

  1. February is a VERY exciting month for you! Always super busy 😀 Hope you had a lovely birthday last month too gorgeous xox Imogen


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