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Pink Jumper |Tatty Devine Necklace  | Milk Tooth LDN Earrings

Well hello there you lovely lot! Today we’re delving straight in with a fashion post, I have so many exciting pieces to share with you that I could actually burst! Let’s get started then shall we? Before that happens and I leave a colourful mess everywhere. I swear my new addiction to Stranger Things (yes, I’m soooo late to the party) is doing something to my brain. First up the teddy coat, man alive have I resisted this trend. I was determined to not join the other 98% of the population that owns one, but here I am, in a teddy coat and absolutely loving it. At first it was rather easy to resist, most of the teddy coats that were sneaking in during Autumn 17 were pretty plain Jane. Although they were very lovely, they weren’t statement enough for me. I mean leopards over bears any day, right? But then a number of months later and just after I had congratulated myself for being original, TopShop go and bring this colour block number out. Fortunately for my ego it was a tad on the pricey side, especially as I had just bought a new faux fur a few week prior. I talked myself out of it and decided that I would visit it whenever I was near a TopShop. Then the TopShop sale happened and the price was too good to be true, and and and and well, just look at it, it’s perfect. I am in love, from the colour block details, to the length and to the fact that someone just asked me if it was Max Mara. Plus all the rumours are true, it is the comfiest coat around! If you’re thinking about joining the teddy brigade, I highly recommend it.

Teddy Coat | Light Up Shoes | Striped Trousers

It has finally happened, my life is complete, I own a pair of light up shoes. All this time I have been so envious of those cool toddlers with their flashing shoes. Well now I’m a cool kid too. Not only do they light up (3 different varieties of lighting upness, FYI), they’re also metallic, which in my humble opinion is the best colour choice for a shoe, oh and they’re by the uber cool Katy Perry Collections. Oh my goodness have you seen her shoe collection? It is epic! I picked these up at Style Set, who are a new site hosting a whole caboodle of fab designers.

I know what you’re thinking, Siobhan do you own anything else that you could put your lower half of your body in? The answer is yes, but they’re not anywhere near as phenom as these striped trousers. So yes sorry for the reappearance, they’re just too good, I had to share them again.

I hold before you another item you’re going to be seeing a lot of, the pink cosy jumper. Yes there is a theme going on here, come on, it is January and the main priority right now is warmth. This jumper is another sale purchase, it was something crazy like £12 which means its cost per wear is currently at 0.01p. Even my accountant can’t argue at that one. January is the best time to pick up bargain knitwear, the shops are getting ready for Spring / Summer, where the UK is getting ready for the big freeze. Ahh Summer, I miss you, please come back.

Can we just take a moment to admire my accessory game here, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but hello! Of course I have been helped hugely by the likes of Tatty Devine (necklace) and MilkTooth London (earrings). If you want quality statement jewellery, you know where to go. I have been searching for the perfect outfit for this amazing rainbow necklace, I wanted it to take centre stage. It looks so fabulous over knitwear as it adds a bit of interest. The earring are the statement dream, gold plated and curated with artist Maria-Ines Gul, this is my second pair from MilkTooth and you know I’m already eyeing up my third.

Just-A-Uniform-Colourful-Winter-Fashion-5Lets end on a high, the glasses, I forgot how much fun it was to wear glasses, I have absolutely no idea why but I had an unintentional break from them. Well they’re back, I am going to add buying more vintage glasses to my things to do in 2018. I’m not quite sure if any can top this pair, they have all the Iris Apfel vibes. I found them in a thrift store in Houston for 10 buck, please reread that bit again with an American accent. I am headed to Houston again this week, where I fully intend to put this glasses plan into action.

Photography by the EPIC Sian DeCiantis Richrdson

It would be amazing to hear all about your favourite pieces at the moment, pop me a comment below, I’d love to have a good natter.

I better go and plug in my light up shoes, see you on Wednesday.



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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, this means the world that I have given you a bit of confidence to wear colour. People are probably looking at you because you look amazing. I totally get lots of stares, I tend to smile at them. Looking forward to seeing more of your colourful style.

      BIG LOVE,


  1. So colourful and jazzy my rainbow vibin’ queen, how gorg is that necklace? Total and utter cloud nine! You’re the bomb.com in this outfit, crushing so hard on your coat, trousers, light up shoes (AH-MAZING), love it all <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. Wow what a statement everything. I too have been desperately trying to stay the hell away from teddy coats, and so far have been very successful lol. You certainly was pulled in with this coat, and so you should have been. It’s so you. It would have been mad to pass it up especially if the price came crashing down. Although I couldn’t pull off the 21st century statement lit up shoes (my inner child is crying) I love them! at least you know what to wear if we should ever have a blackout in Kent ; )…And your so late to the party “Stranger Things” is the best thing since, well “Stranger Things” it has me loving everything retro, good times…damn this comment is long…am I writing a post though? lol : ) xo


    1. Absolutely amazing comment!!! Ooooo go you on resisting, I clearly don’t have the will power. And you could totally rock the light up trainers. I promise you could!

      I’m still wondering why it took me so long to watch stranger things?? Answers on a post card for that one?

      Thank you so much for popping by!

      BIG LOVE

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