2018 It’s Going to be Anything but Boring

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Well didn’t that come around quickly? 2018 is here and I tell you what, I can’t wait to get stuck in! I know it is oh so cliche but I have a really good feeling about this year. It’s an even number for starters and I had a really epic New Years Eve, the best in a long time, so ya know, it all looks pretty good from here.

This post is going to be filed under a new little category for Just A Uniform, called “My Thoughts On Life.” A category that I intend to develop throughout 2018, I want you to get to know me a bit better and vice versa. But before I get carried away with what’s to come, I just want to say 2017 was epic. I feel like it was the year that I really found my feet with Just A Uniform. It was a year of discovery, a year of growth and the year of laying solid foundations.Just A Uniform Blogosphere MagazineThe last month of 2017 was particularly phenomenal. I hosted a Facebook Live for HQ hair and Uni Days, was featured in Blogosphere Magazine by the ever so lovely Emma Mumford and took part in a live Style Panel, a la Blogosphere magazine also. Oh, and after what felt like I had been campaigning to become Prime minister, I hit 10k on Instagram. A goal I had secretly set my self at the beginning of 2017 and one I seriously couldn’t have met without you lovely lot. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the features on your social media channels and it made me realise what an amazing community I had grown during 2017. So thank you so so much for all your support, you truly rock!

Right so let’s go for it, twenty eighteen, what do I have planned?

Just A Uniform Londonjustauniform dot com – It seems only fitting to start with justauniform.com. A new website is coming your way with a rebrand, well, with actual branding that you will associate with Just A Uniform. The past couple of years have been building up to this, I didn’t want to rush in to the branding of Just A Uniform till I truly knew what Just A Uniform was. I have been playing around with ideas throughout 2017 and I now know what Just A Uniform represents. Of course it is going to be bold and colourful, what you have come to expect from this part of the internet, but it is also going to be whole lot more profesh (as she says by writing a made up word). There is going to be a brand new website, which my amazing husband is in the process of building, it will more user friendly, allowing you to enjoy all my content in one place. It is also going to be a really fun place to be. I’m not going to let any more cats out of the bag on the design front, but you know I’ll be screaming about it from the rooftops as soon as it ready to go live.

Content wise for justauniform.com I am getting a whole lot more organised, a theme you will see running throughout this post. I’ll speak more about that in a bit. There will be 2 posts a week, a regular fashion post on a Saturday, then a post pretty much about anything and everything on a Thursday. This could range from beauty, to travel, to a post just like this about my thoughts on life. I can’t wait to create more content right here, justauniform.com is the only part of the web that is 100 percent mine. I love love love reading blogs, each day throughout 2018 I am going to read a blog a day, so keep leaving your links on my posts.

YouTube – 2018 is the year I up my YouTube game. During 2017 I dabbled in the weekly vlog and I blamin’ loved it. Creating videos makes me so happy, it’s a place where my personality can shine through and a place where you can get to know me better. I think some content is better on video. It appears that I may have lost the plot as I have planned to vlog every day in February, vlogbury as it will be known. Two of my favourite events happen at this time of year, my birthday and fashion week so it should be full of fun.

 For the rest of the year expect to see the continuation of the weekly vlog, this will be on a Wednesday and then there will be another video on a Sunday too. The Sunday video will alternated between sit-down videos on a whole caboodle of topics and LookBooks. I really want to push style onto my channel, so stay tuned.

Presenting and Working with Brands – At the end of 2017 I started presenting for other brands on their social channels, and although being rather nerve racking to start with, I really loved it. I have always loved presenting and I am still convinced I would make an epic Children’s TV presenter. So yes, I would love to do more of this please universe. I’m really eager to do regular Instagram Lives on my channel too, collaborating with other influencers discussing subjects we’re both passionate about. I also dream of being on a TV advert for a brand. I’m just putting that out there, you know, in case you’re looking for someone?

Social Media and building a Community – So much has changed over the past year in terms of social media, I’m sure a word beginning with A has been the most typed word of 2017. Wind the clock back to this time last year, I was posting to Instagram daily and pretty much having heart palpitations if I missed a day. I no longer feel that way and I now aim to post 3 to 4 times a week. This year is quality over quantity on the ‘gram. And by quality I don’t just mean quality photos, I also mean quality time. Quality time engaging with you guys, taking time to reply to your comments / messages and to also taking time to check out your content too. Because let’s face facts, it’s not very social if it’s all one sided. Last year I aimed to interact on Twitter more, and I did, however I feel I can be even more interactive over there during 2018. It’s a great place to be involved in discussions, if you have any fab chats that you could recommend, do let me know. This year I have eradicated the dreaded number of followers target I have set myself in the past. As long as I am growing, my content is improving and you lovely lot are enjoying what you see, I will be one happy lady.

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New Ventures, Managing Time and FOMO – This year myself and the hubster (Jay) have set up our own social media management and website design company, which means there are now going to be two businesses on the go. I am soooo excited for this as it means I will get to work with Jay more and become the absolute dream team that I just know that we are. It will also be amazing to share Jay’s talents with the world and share my experience of social media with others. This business will also involve organising events with brands and influencers, particularly in Kent. In December I organised our first Kent influencer event for Iconic jewellery shop in Canterbury. It was a huge success for the brand but also for the Kent influencers. I am forever scouring the #kentblogger hashtag to find local influencers to be involved, so please do send me a mail if you’d like to be included. Equally if you’re a local business that needs help with your website or social media, we’re here… hello!!

So with all this going on of course I am going to have to manage my time better, there is a schedule and everything. To be honest I’m pretty good at working from home, I always get up early and go to my office as if I would if I worked in an actual office. The part that messes this up completely is my inability to say NO. I have complete fear of missing out, something my Dad highlighted a couple of months ago. So this year I only have time for ONE day a week for events, no more London 3 times a week. I assure you I am going to struggle with this, but there just aren’t enough days in the week.

Our Home – A few years ago we were lucky enough to build our house in the Kent Countryside. Due to time and my love of going on holiday A LOT, (sorry Jay) we haven’t got round to finishing it. Well 2018 is the year that this is going to happen! I will be documenting the progress along the way, with a interiors element to Just A Uniform, all I have to say right now is pink tiles.

Travel  -Because of our house plans, travel is now on hold, well abroad anyway. I am a huge lover of travel, so to have a year off is going to require some severe will power. To ease the pain I plan to do the staycation Just A Uniform Style, visiting all of the colourful spots in the UK. I’m thinking cities, country retreats, seaside splendour, festivals, spas, basically if it’s in the U.K I want to know about it. This will also be an added section to justauniform.com and the YouTube. I’d love to know where you think I should go? I plan to make my first stop in Glasgow, I was born there and I have been desperate to go back. Expect to see a Glasgow Colour guide very soon.

Health – Nope this isn’t about loosing weight or getting back to the gym, new year, new me style. This is about looking after myself. You may be aware that in 2014 I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and ever since I’ve been up and down with how well I have been managing it. My current HbA1c (google it) levels are too high and well, they need to be better, that’s me being matter of fact about the whole thing. Basically I need to stop eating all the bad carbs, in fact, I could probably do with cutting most carbs out all together for a while. Health is never really something I talk about with you guys, as I don’t want diabetes to define me or stop me doing life. I am interested though to find out if you would like me to share my daily goings on with my health, maybe you have type 1 diabetes or maybe you’d like just to learn more. Anyhow let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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Making Time for Offline – Here it is, the one that can be measured, the one that sort of is a New Years Resolution and the one I am failing at miserable so far. The problem with having a job that you love and therefor a job that never feels like a job is…… I AM ALWAYS WORKING, even if I don’t actually realise it. Yes that’s right, from the moment I wake up, to when I go to bed, actually normally when I’m in bed too, I am doing work. I am actually convinced the main reason I love baths so much is, you guessed it, because I can work from the bath. Oh and obviously because Lush bath bombs are what they say, the bomb. In 2018 I need to set some boundaries, have some time when you know, I don’t have a screen in my face. I’m considering having a day a week without said screen, yeah I have all the crazy ideas but I am pretty sure it is the right thing to do.

So there you have it 2018 (Okay 2006) words on what I hope 2018 will look like.

This time last year I left you with some quotes that I then lived my life by throughout 2017

They were:

1.Your vibe attracts your tribe.

2.Be a radiator, not a drain.

3.You only get what you give.

This year I am adding this to it:

Be everything to someone, not something to everyone.

Right, well I suppose I better get on, I’ve got rather a lot to do.



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  1. I love this blog! I can’t wait to see everything that 2018 has in store for you. Good luck in your new venture. Wishing you all of the success. Hopefully see your beaut face lots xx

  2. I bloody loved reading this. So motivating and I’m really excited to see what you have in store for 2018. I can’t wait to read your posts and watch your vlogs! And by the way, the photos accompanying this post are STUNNING.

    1. Oh you are the best, thank you! I am so excited for 2018, its going to be a great year. Thank you for all your support. BIG LOVE

    1. Yay I am so glad you are looking forward to the extra content. I can not wait to share it with you. Thank you for reading. BIG LOVE

    1. Eeeekkk thank you so much!! I love a long post too… writing is my favourite. Looking forward to sharing it all with you. BIG LOVE

  3. You’ve got 2018 in the bag!! I had to laugh at the last goal of getting less screen time because that is way too relatable. Look at me, on a screen right now…. :/

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

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