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Colourful Fashion
ASOS Mono Stripe Trouser (Similar) | Topshop Faux Fur Bag

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No it’s just me, actually back on doing what I love. I have absolutely no idea what I have been doing for all this time. I wish I had a really epic excuse, like, “I’ve been hibernating and I have just woken up for Christmas.” But the truth is, I haven’t really seen much sleep, life has been crazy, good crazy! There is a little life update coming your way, which will explain what has been occurring over the last month or so. For now though, let me just tell you that during my absence I have been curating a winter wardrobe. It is blamin’ marvellous, even if I do say myself.

It is my personal belief that winter is the most depressing season of all time (stay with me here), quite controversial I know, especially with the big day right around the corner. But let’s face it, take Christmas out of the mix, and it is a season of cold, darkness and for many, rather dull clothes. It is a well know fact that the colour of winter is black, but not anymore I tell you! Over the past few month I have found lots of colour, especially in the knit department. I have actually been getting excited about winter dressing, it’s a Christmas miracle.

So without further a do, I hold before you the Just A Uniform guide to dressing colourfully this winter.

colourful fashion
JAKKE Yellow Stripe Faux Fur Coat
ICE watch
City Sparkling ICE Watch

First things first, I strongly suggest you invest in a statement coat. Preferably of the faux fur kind, make sure it has a strong colour, and if you want to go that extra mile, add an epic pattern too. Lets face facts, you are going to be spending the next few months under a coat, you could probably wear your pyjamas under it (the dream)and no-one would actually notice. Each year I pull out all my furry friends from years gone by, faux fur is a trend that is here to stay so it is where I would put the majority of my spends this season. You can find some epic furry friends on the high street, H&M have produced some corkers this year, I came so close to purchasing their blue fur. However, for me, Jakke are top of the game, their faux fur is incredible and their designs are every colour lovers dream.

Just in case you plan to take the dream coat off, get stocking up on colourful knitwear. I don’t like to spend a fortune on jumpers, as I find they only last me a season. This is mostly because after a number of months of washing they tend to loose their shape, or is it just me? Am I a really bad knitwear washer? Tell me now! My absolute mecca for knitwear this winter is Monki, they have every colour under the sun, don’t cost the world and they also have some epic slogans too (another trend that I am obsessed with).

I am really proud to say that I have finally ventured into the world of trousers. Yes after years of avoiding them, I have to admit that they are the only way to go now that the cold weather is here. This is particularly important to note if you have an aversion to tights, just like this person I met once. The main reason I have steered clear of them in the past is because they’ve always been so boring, but not anymore. I am absolutely loving all the prints that are out there right now. I’m on the hunt for the perfect tartan pair, so do please send me the links to any if you see them?

ICE Watch City Sparkling
City Sparkling ICE Watch | Accessorize Super Snuggly Scarf | Accessorize Star Beret

Next up we just have to discuss accessories. You all probably know by now that I am a humongous fan of the hat, well let me just tell you, this has turned into an obsession, a beret obsession to be precise. I currently have 5 varieties and by the time you read this it may well be 6. “Hello my name is Siobhan and I have a beret addiction.” I just love how you can wear them a million ways and each time it gives a completely different look. They are also a particular saviour when the hair is being a pain in the bum, like mine every day at the moment.

I have finally given in to the scarf, I try to avoid him and his friends the gloves for as long as possible, as that means it is officially winter. This scarf is basically a brilliant blanket, which I am completely happy about, it comes in a number of excellent colours, which are guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest of winter days.

At this time of year I think it is so easy to forget about jewellery, It’s probably got something to do with bundling under layers (just a thought). Anyhow, if I was only allowed to wear one piece of jewellery for the rest of my life, it would be a watch, I’d be lost without one. My watch of the moment has to go to the City Sparkling by ICE watch. I love a bit of sparkle all year round but the festive period is when I deem it compulsory. Yup that’s right you have to wear something sparkly, It’s the festive law. This watch does just that to this colourful ensemble, it makes it sparkle.

If you’ve read my beginners guide to being a maxamilist you’ll know that every outfit should have a talking point. I usually do this in the form of a bag and today is no exception. I behold the bag that nobody thinks is a bag, I swear I could get away with taking it on an Easy Jet flight with another piece of hand luggage. Not only does it hold my life in it, it also gives great snuggles for when Sox isn’t about.

ASOS Striped Trousers
Photos by my right hand gal Jaide Poppy

So there you have it, how I’m keeping things colourful. Stay tuned for a life update in the next couple of days, I’ve got so much excitingness to share with you.



Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by ICE watch , this however does not effect my views on this particular product, I still think it’s epic. 

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    1. Ahh thank you beauty!!! Yes I am obsessed with the hat, I can’t stop wearing it. I hope you have an amazing festive period.

      BIG LOVE,


  1. I LOVE the yellow and white coat it’s gorgeous! And those black and white pants are to die for! Gorgeous style as always my lovely! And well done on the widget you did gooooood! I can only do it in the post on mine. Is yours attached to every single post as standard? I also bloody love your Northern humor coming through in your writing. Fabulous xox Imogen

    1. Isn’t the coat the actual dream, I love Jakke so much. I am so proud of myself for the widget, it took me an age but wahooo. I currently have to manually attach the code. However I am in the midst of creating a shop page.

      Yaaaass to norther humor, it’s the best right?

      BIG LOVE,

      Siobhan xxx

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