The Flare is BACK – The 70’s trend!

Pinch punch first of the month, how the bladdy hell did that happen? November seems to have come out of nowhere! Anyhow, I hope you are all doing super duper? I have finally admitted defeat and fully packed away my spring / summer wardrobe, it has been demoted to another rail. The rail behind my desk (the A rail) is starting to look rather wonderful, lots of jewelled tones, an abundance of sequins, and all of a sudden many pairs of flares! The seventies has suddenly hit my wardrobe hard and I’m kinda liking it.

LOTD yellow coord
LOTD Mustard Flares | LOTD Mustard Bardot Top

Now, as a gal that’s normally not a fan of the trouser, who often champions the skirt, this flare loving is quiet the revelation. I have several reasons that I avoid the trouser situation; I tend to find them uncomfortable, I am 5’3 AND A HALF and therefore I struggle to get the right length, plus they don’t suit my body shape, mostly thanks to my rather large bottom and small waist. Can you can see the trials and tribulations I have had to endure….jokes. But all joking aside, I’ve not worn trousers properly since the last time the flare was back on trend, about 15 years ago now.

Back then I was in sixth form and used to wear extremely long flares, which I would pair with extremely high Kurt Geiger platform boots. I used to think I looked like such a cool cat! In reality my flares picked up so much rain water that I probably looked like a doofus.

flared sleeves

yellow flares

Fast forward to 2017 and I am falling in love with flares all over again! This 2017 version from Look Of The Day are a whole lot of snazziness. High waisted, just the right length, a dreamy mustard colour and can we talk about the ruffle flair – swoon! Oh and did I mention that they are comfier than my pyjamas?

I am utterly obsessed with this ruffled coord, I can not quiet believe that the bardot top and the flares are 6 pounds each? It costs more than that for a coffee these days. Stop me before I starts rambling on about the price of a pink coffee!

Velvet blazer
LOTD Velvet Blazer

70s fashion

Pink coffees aside, another trend I’m totally digging for AW is the luxe trend, commonly known as velvet plus jewelled tones. Velvet has had a regular spot in my autumn / winter wardrobe for many years now. It pains me to mention this, as the C word is banned till December, but velvet screams Christmas, and in December this brings a little warmth to my heart.

Adding jewelled tones to velvet makes it appear even more luxurious. I am totally digging how well this deep red works with the mustard as well.

To be honest with you, I am not normally a blazer wearer either, this whole outfit has made me a reformed woman! I don’t think I’ve ever got over the trauma that my bottle green school blazer brought into my life. After much therapy of the retail kind, I’ve finally concurred my fears, wahoooo!! I’ll be rocking this blazer for the foreseeable future.


Statement Earrings
Peony Vintage Abstract Face Earrings
Retro sunglasses
ShadyVEU Sunglasses – get 20% off with code justauniform20 (you are welcome) | Mr Jones Cyclops Watch

At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself that I would up my accessory game. I think it is fair to say, mission completed? I mean come on, just look at that accessorising? I think I have particularly excelled in the watch, glasses and statement earrings department. With that in mind, I think I deserved a hot chocolate and a snuggle with the cat.

As always, it’s been emotional.

Do let me know it the comments below what trends you are digging right now? If you have a blog, please leave your link, I love reading blogs and I heard they’re making a comeback.

Big Love,


Photographs by the ever so lovely Jane Looker 



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