Ice Ice Baby

What am I going on about? The recent drop in temperature or my epic new ICE-Watch? Fortunately for you, the next couple of hundred words or so (let’s face it, it is probably going to be way more than that) are all about my undying love for ICE-Watch. I can’t wait to show you how I have styled it too, so let’s get straight to it shall we?

Pink Ice Watch
Photographs by Samantha Taylor – @samanthataylor_photo

ICE-Watch have been serving up phenomenal watches for the past 10 years, the colours  and the huge variety of styles have always caught my eye. So when they asked me if I would like to give their watches a test run, I just knew it was time.

Ice Watch

With over 200 styles to choose from in the female range, it’s was a tough choice I took upon myself to make. Did I want a classic looking watch? A sporty watch? A city watch? Did I want a glitter face? Did I want a pink watch with red features? Did I want a pink watch with gold features? You get the picture, the choice was endless, and you totally know that this made me happy!


After many hours of drooling over the whole of the Ice-Watch site, I opted for the beauty above. It is part of the ICE LouLou collection and is available in 10 different colour-ways.   The watch is ultra flat and fits perfectly on my rather tiny wrists. This is a feature that I have particularly fallen in love with, most watches look oversized on me but the LouLou is the perfect fit. After a couple of weeks of wearing the watch on a daily basis, I can confirm that the silicone material is the comfiest material ever. Why more watches aren’t made with it, is a mystery to me! There are no marks on my wrist after wearing it and no clamminess at all, it is a pleasure to wear.

Not only is it physically pleasing but also ascetically. I am obsessed with the pink and red colour combination, a trend that I am rocking way past my accessories. I have been wearing the watch day and night, it looks perfect with my AW wardrobe.

Zara Tassel DressZara Tassel Dress

Talking of my AW wardrobe, I was getting rather concerned that I had bought this T-Shirt dress a bit too late in the year. It was a Zara holiday purchase, that I only got to wear once before the colder days started to drift in. Sad that it hadn’t made it to the gram, and the blog I was determined to make it work for Autumn. I just couldn’t bring myself to pack away the phenomenal tasseling until next year. A T-Shirt Dress can work all year round, right?

Zara T-Shirt Tassel DressZara T-shirt Dress

Well in my humble opinion, yes it can. I swapped the open toed lace-ups for my favourite River Island OTK boots, which FYI I can’t get enough of: Sliming, cover up my legs (aka, no need for tights) AND the perfect heel, that I can run around in all day! Add a Baker Boy, a number of jewelled tones and hey presto, ready for Autumn.

River Island OTK boots

I plan to wear a Baker Boy hat until at least the end of February, I am absolutely besotted with them. Great for 3rd day hair, or even 4th day hair (lets be honest), whilst being soooo on trend. I am currently on the look out for a new version, maybe with a hint of leather and a touch of royal blue. Do let me know if you see anything that may take my fancy?

Accessorize Drop Bauble Earrings

Talking of Royal Blue, how epic are these drop bauble earrings from Accessorize? Statement earrings are having a huge moment right now and myself and my ears are totally on board.

Koko Couture Fur BagICE LOULOU DOLCEJewelled hues are everywhere for Autumn / Winter, including on my fluffy clutch from Koko Couture. I am over the moon that jewelled colours are going to be huge this season. They give a bit of grown up colour, making everything look that bit more luxurious. For now, I am mixing them up with my Summer colours and easing them in gently. I just love how the pink of my ICE-Watch looks against the burgundy. It is a match made in colour heaven. What trends are you looking forward to experimenting with this Autumn?

Which ICE-Watch would you choose?

As ever I can’t wait to hear back from you.

Big Love,


*This content was sponsored by ICE-Watch.






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