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For me, Fashion Month is well and truly over. The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of pure delight, and (I have to admit) extreme exhaustion. Anyone who does all four weeks is a super human and quite frankly I bow down to them. So whilst Milan and Paris grace our presence, I am going to be looking back over New York and London, giving you my highlights.

I say my highlights, as for me, the most joy has come from either new designers or designers that aren’t necessarily in the fashion week limelight. I personally think that they give more, like they try harder as they have a bigger point to prove.

Take Greta Constantine; It was my first show of the season, I was super excited to be attending NYFW, but I’ll be honest, Greta Constantine wasn’t top of my list of designers to see. I had checked out their prior collections and let’s just say their designs weren’t really my thang.


NYFW Gretta Constantine


NYFW Gretta Constantine

I will come back to the collection in just a moment. Before I do, let me talk about something that Greta Constantine got so spot on, it makes me grin like a Cheshire Cat. THE SHOW!

For me, fashion week is the chance for you to showcase you, and what your brand is all about. There is nothing I love more than a designer that puts their stamp on their show space.

NYFW Gretta Constantine

The Canadian designers behind Greta Constantine, did just that.

Let me set the scene: model “bases” were set either end of the catwalk. Dotted on each end and throughout the catwalk were an array of cardboard boxes with the Greta Constantine stamp on it. The models used these as props as they moved from base to base. Visually it was phenomenal, allowing us to see the collection in all its glory.

But it doesn’t stop there, oh no no no no, the musicality to the show was hands down the best of NYFW. Gretta Constantine had nailed it, the perfect fashion week recipe, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “It made me feel alive.”

NYFW Gretta ConstantineNYFW Gretta Constantine

Boyfriend tuxedos pants, track suits, sequin patchwork minis, floor length tulle, sequinned jumpsuits, the list goes on. The collection was heaven. No wonder they had won CAFA 2016 Womanswear designer of the year.


NYFW Gretta Constantine

I left the show space feeling exhilarated, if this was the start of things to come, my week in New York was going to be phenomenal. Now if only I could get my hands on that gold number.

Big Love,


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