Come Back Summer!

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Now I know I am being typically British talking about the weather. I also know that we have been absolutely blessed with the most phenomenal sunshine over the past few months, especially for Blighty. However the weather has suddenly turned, which means that my ever growing Summer wardrobe has been hidden away by the addition of a jacket, or an umbrella (in rainbow colours of course).

Let’s turn the clocks back to a few weeks ago, when the Sun was shining, and the wonderful place I call home had temperatures hotter than the Maldives. Of course everyone was moaning about it being too hot. But whilst they were doing that, I was sipping on a Pina Colada, internet shopping for the most epic of Summer outfits.

Once the online orders started to arrive, myself and the ever so lovely Jaide took ourselves to Margate, to take a few snaps (who am I kidding there was at least 134 photos) of my new Summer attire. Of course we stopped for an Iced Soya Latte at Roost on route, you know because it is an essential item when taking photos.

The Deckchair Striped Playsuit

ASOS One Shoulder Playsuit in Bold Stripe

ASOS One Shoulder Playsuit in Bold Stripe

ASOS One Shoulder Playsuit in Bold Stripe

If florals are the print of Spring then stripes are the print of Summer. I have subconsciously filled my entire Summer wardrobe with them. I am sure that if you are an avid Instagram follow alonger, you will have noticed that I can’t get enough of them. And when they come in bright colours and basically looking like a deckchair, well, I AM TRES HAPPY!

This one shoulder beauty is from ASOS and is proving rather popular. I mean come on, whats not to love? Striped, check, one shouldered, check, super comfortable material, check, ruffles, check, it doesn’t ride up (you know what I mean, right?), check, oh and it’s only 22 pounds!! I’ve just had a little scoot through the #asseenonme pics for this little number, and I am feeling super inspired to style it up for a fancier affair.

Now you may have noticed that I am wearing the one shoulder on my arm, rather than on the top of my shoulder. I just thought I’d point this out, as after some research it appears that I am the only one doing this. Now I know I like to be different but this was actually for practicality purposes / so that nobody saw my lovely lady lumps. The point I am trying to get at is, that if you are rather petite up top like me, maybe consider going a size down, just a thought!

The Dream Basket Bag

Basket Bag

The world has gone mad for basket bags this season. I love them, you love them, everyone loves them. They seem to have popped out of nowhere! No longer just for the Portuguese fisherman or the French market shopper, but for fashionable types everywhere. I for one am obsessed. I did lots of research before purchasing mine. I had heard horror stories of people’s baskets falling apart after just a few outings. I simply knew that I couldn’t deal with that turmoil. In the basket bag world, you get what you pay for.

After much Instagram stalking, I came across The Beaux Store. This amazing independent store came highly recommended by the ever so lovely Belle and Bunty, so I just knew I couldn’t go wrong! The Beaux Store is owned by Ashley, who sources the baskets herself, they are all one offs and handmade, just like the basket bag Gods would have wanted. So with all this comes amazing quality and phenomenal customer service.

The basket I chose is huge, just the way I like my bags, I can fit EVERYTHING in it. I also love the shape and as mentioned it’s amazing quality…… no falling apart has happened, phew.  It goes everywhere with me, and do you know what, I LOVE IT!

The Jelly Shoes

Jelly Shoes

Jelly Shoes

Jelly shoes make me so so so so so so happy. They conjure up memories of my childhood, fun memories, by the seaside, without a care in the world, well apart from getting salt water in my eyes but we won’t go into that now. So, you can imagine my delight when I found SunJellies … they have brought the jelly shoe back to life!

They are the ultimate Summer shoe, super comfortable and colourful. Plus they won’t break the bank at only £12! I’m planning on getting at least another three colours. Pair them with an epic pair of socks and your feet will be thanking you forever.

The Flower Crown

Flower Crown

Flower crowns aren’t just for festivals, granted this one is a bit OTT but hey, this is me. I want to see more of the flower crown this season, it brightens up any outfit, plus it is perfect for covering up hair that may or may not be due a wash. This one was a Glastonbury purchase a number of years ago, I have seen so many epic flower crowns on the high street in places like Accessorize. So go on, join the flower crown gang, I promise it’ll make you smile

Right, you lovely bunch, that’s your lot! I’d love to hear about your favourite Summer clothes, what trends have you been obsessing over? Go on let me know below.

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    1. I am literally obsessed with stripes, I don’t know what has happened to me. I am even sat in a striped swimsuit right now!! Let it continue despite the weather. Big Love xxx

    1. Ahhh thank you beautiful lady! I am so sure we are going to have an “Indian Summer” ….. Always the way once the kids go back to school the sun will come out!

      Big Love,

      Siobhan xxx

  1. OMG I was thinking this too! Where the heck did summer go?? I keep buying summery clothes and telling myself I’ll save it for my America trip! The last 2 days have been ok actually. Love this outfit! I have those socks too, in pink and lilac 🙂
    Ps hope you’re having a lovely holiday!
    Eb x

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