Tallulah Made Me Do It!

The Story


Let’s get straight into it shall we? What did Tallulah actually make me do? Well the Tallulah in question is Tallulah’s Threads. A brand that I have be obsessing over for some time now. Their clothes are hand made and born and bread right here in the U.K. All of the above is something I totally endorse, so you can imagine my delight when we decided to hook up!

Okay, so they didn’t actually make me pick this delight of a two piece. It is so damn good that I couldn’t resist! I have absolutely fallen head over heels with it. To be honest I have been wearing it a little bit too much for my Instagram feed, shhhh don’t tell anyone. Here is what they have made me do……. LOVE A MONOCHROME OOTD!


The Gingham



Tallulah's Threads

Now if you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll probably already know that I love a co-ord. If you’re new to my blog, hello! Welcome! So nice to meet you! Just so you know, I love a co-ord. I also love gingham, I mean hello, who doesn’t? I also love pockets, why does no one ever discuss pockets? Pockets often make an outfit for me, I know, it’s the small things that make me happy. So add all of this together and yup it’s love!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty, this co-ord is super lightweight cotton, perfect for this time of year. The design of the top (with a partially open back) makes it sit beautifully. The skirt is the perfect length, oh and can we just talk about the rose patch?

All of this for £45? You’d be mad not to snap it up now! ……… no seriously buy it here

The Shoes

Lace up sandals

These are an oldie but a goodie. They’re the pair of shoes I get so excited about when I rediscover them every Summer. Super comfortable, they lengthen my short legs and a firm favourite with you lovely lot. They were a Topshop purchase, I do believe they still sell a very similar pair, if not try these New Look beauties out for size!

The Make Up

Pink make up

Pink make up

Yup pink make up is my thang right now! Mostly thanks to the epic Smashbox cover shot bold palette, that has recently come into my life. You must have seen it? The rainbow palette of dreams? Combine that with their new always on matte liquid lipstick, in shockaholic and yeah, It’s the only look I wanna wear right now.

Want to know more? Of course you do! I did a pink make up tutorial, just for you! I would be so grateful if you showed it some love.

This weeks post has been short but extremely sweet! I have I finally mastered they art of not rambling on? I wouldn’t count on it!

A big shout out to Primrose aka stylepetal for taking these epic photos, and for being the nicest gal a girl could meet!

Until next time,

Big Love,


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