Strawberry Shortcake

The Story

Palm Springs

Last month myself and Jay took a little trip around America. We started in San Diego and then moved on to Palm Springs, LA, New Orleans and finished in Houston. It was quite the trip!

To get the full low down of our trip, watch my vlog here!

It is fair to say that colour was absolutely everywhere, I was in my element! So of course we took full advantage of this colour scenario and snapped several OOTD’s. This shoot took place after dinner in Palm Springs, right outside the Tropicale Restaurant. Which, if you are ever happen to find yourself in Palm Springs, I totally recommend.

Before I go on, I will explain the title of this blog post. It is fair to say that America seemed to love my style. I received so many compliments that Jay didn’t think my head was going to fit on the plane home. America you’re a lovely bunch! Well, this happened here. On our way to dinner a couple of young girls complimented me and then said I looked like a Strawberry Shortcake. Which I absolutely loved of course!!

You remember the dolls, right?

The Glasses

iolla glasses

transparent glasses

transparent glasses

You lot have been going wild in the aisles for these glasses. I am totally with you, they absolutely rock. You know by now that I seriously dig eyewear. So when I discovered Iolla, it was love at first sight.

Iolla are a phenomenal online glasses shop. They also have a showroom in Glasgow too, if you are lucky enough to live in that neck of the woods. Now, what I am about to tell you is going to shock you, these glasses were £65! In fact all the glasses in Iolla’s collection are £65! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

These frames are the Swinton frames and they come in three colour ways. The quality is top notch, they are on a level with my designer specs. Yes that’ right, the pair that I had to take out a mortgage to purchase.

Oh and lets have a chat about their customer service, IT IS AMAZING! The frames arrived swiftly and the team at Iolla seriously couldn’t have done anymore for me. I am already eyeing up (yes, I just did that) my next pair.

The Top

nobodys child

Nobodys child

This was an impulse buy, I am officially crap at buying tops, I can say crap right? So this is something I am working on. If I see a fabulous top, I must buy it and not get distracted by yet another shiny dress.

It is from nobody’s child, a brand that I am always swooning over but until now, had not actually purchased from. Well that has well and truly changed, have you seen their summer range? HELLO! nobody’s child know how to do prints, and they’re super reasonable too! A floral jumpsuit for £32, yes please.

With beautiful details such as the print, the buttoned front, the criss cross back, oh and the shape, lets talk about the shape. This top is going to be a regular attender of my Summer wardrobe.

The Mules

pink mules

I bought these mules last year, wore them once, they rubbed my feet and then I wasn’t really sure if I was a fan of the mule world. They sat there all sad that they weren’t loved…….. UNTIL NOW. I am obsessed, I wore them every day in America, they lengthen your legs, are actually super comfy once they are worn in. And let’s be honest, these are the only pair of heels that have seen my feet for a long time. I am smitten.

This pair are from Office, they were about the £50 mark. I have seen some equally epic pairs in Primark recently, for about £15. I’ll have one in each colour please!

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Until next time you lovely lot!

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