The Story

Well hello again!! It’s official, Spring is finally here. The sun is shining, the days are getting longer and well it leaves me with a spring in my step (pun intended). I love everything about Spring but most of all I love the fashion. Time to get those pins out, time to get more colourful and time to experiment.

See layering isn’t just for Autumn, in fact I think layering is more essential at this time of year. You never know what the weather is going to do, hot one minute, cold the next and the odd shower here and there. Spring is the time to start to introducing those Summer clothes but I’m still not quiet ready to put the faux fur away.

This day was a typical Spring day, I took my own advice, layered to the max and took to the streets of Shoreditch with my MUA friend, Sammi (yes she takes great photos too).

The Layering

Gingham Top

Believe it or not all these items of clothing are so last season, actually they are so last year. I just love getting creative and styling clothes already in my wardrobe and giving them a fresh new look.

So here is how this layered look went…..grab one stripy dress from Primark, add that high low skirt from Forever 21, the one you didn’t wear anymore, because it was too short at the front for your horse riding thighs. Finish off with that gingham top you bought from M&S last year, before gingham was a thing and now you’re totally smug that you bought it. AND hey presto this look was born!


I just love that this gingham top can come out to play now by layering it over warmer pieces, it’s far to pretty to wait for 20 degree heat.

The Bag

marc b bags

marc b bags

The day has finally come!! I am one of those girls who owns a tiny bag. I used to look at those girls in admiration. Asking questions such as, “How do they fit everything in that bag?” “Where is their tote bag with all their belongings?” Well the secret is out, they had a bucket bag. This beauty fits everything in it, it’s the bag that keeps giving.

This one is from my beloved marc b and at £45 it is another must have bag from them. It seems I am not the only one having a complete love fest with marc b, many of you have been contacting me to tell me about your love for them too.

The Bunny Mini duffle bag (to give it its official tittle), is three bags in one. It can be worn with a long strap across body or on the shoulder. It can also be worn as a hand held, as you can see here.

As with all marc b bags, the quilted faux leather is stunning and the quality is amazing, now all I need is for marc b to make this bag in pink! Hint hint marc b.

I will be talking all about the wearability and how much I can fit in to The Bunny over on my YouTube channel later this week. So you know go and subscribe so you don’t miss out (insert appropriate wink face emoji here)

The Shoes



These shoes are everything I could wish for in a shoe! In fact they are the perfect type of shoe, flat (i.e comfortable), they give me height and well they are a little bit on the ugly side. WHICH I LOVE! There is something about ugly shoes that makes them so bloomin cool. The cut, colour and flatform flatter the legs, especially if you have small ones like me. Paired with the fishnet socks, from Primark FYI and you have some strong shoefie game right there.

These Stomp Shoes (yes they are really called that, how cool!) are from Own Saviour and are a mere £20. Bargain Bonanza or what! Own Saviour don’t only do rockin’ footwear but also shine in the clothing and accessories department too. Get yourself over there, you won’t be disappointed.

The Choker



If you stay up to date with my YouTube you will know that I was lucky enough to attend the ANNAKIKI show at Milan Fashion Week. The show was what dreams are made of, metallics, colour and faux fur were everywhere. It was my favourite show of the season and left me lusting after everything ANNAKIKI. So you can imagine my delight when after the show I saw this choker sitting in my gift bag.

Now we all know that I love a statement choker but this takes it to a whole other level. I am obsessed! As a matter of fact I’m obsessed with the whole collection, please can I dress my whole body in ANNAKIKI?

The Earrings

Pearl Earrings

I’ve been going on about how Accessorize rock my world for some time now and these Earrings from them are no exception. Large pearl Earrings are everywhere right now, I mean who isn’t lusting after the Dior Tribales? I’m loving Accessorizes version, the cage around the pearl does it for me, it gives them that je ne sais quoi. What do you think? Would you splurge on the Dior or head over to Accessorize to score these beauties?

What have you been purchasing in preparation for Spring? I’d love to know!

Until next time,

Big Love,




    1. Aren’t clashing patterns the best? I know crazy right? This is why I hate throwing clothes out….. the y always come back around! xxx Thanks for stopping by! xxx

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