Gingham Style

The Story

Woweeeeee! Where does the time go? So much has happened since we ‘spoke’ last! So I’m just going to jump right in! There’s been the L’oreal Colorista Launch, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and a week in Iceland,  you can catch all of this over on my YouTube channel (cheeky plug there, I know). I now have my own style section in a super cool magazine called ‘cene. Also I have a new hair colour, a new fringe, yes Solarium Point have been working their magic once again. Oh and I’ve moved away from the wall. I know, shock horror, but all good things must come to an end!

Last week, myself and my photographer Sam took to the streets of sunny Margate to find the perfect spot. After a quick walk around we found this old navy doorway nestled in a corner of the old town.

The Skirt

Gingham Skirt

Gingham skirt

So it’s official, the world has gone mad for gingham, and yes I am so happy to join in with the table cloth trend. For me, gingham used to bring up images of the countryside, of kitch country houses and of the perfect picnic, images that totally make me happy. However this season gingham has been given a bit of edge, fashionistas have been putting their own spin on it and I for one am lovin’ it!

The only problem I had with converting to the house of gingham, was that it was leading heavily to the monochrome way of life. We all know that I won’t be signing up to that anytime soon. So when I saw this ASOS skirt in a beloved blue I did a little victory cheer. The skirt is a bargain £30 and at the time of this wonderful purchase, I had a discount code and some reward points to spend, so basically it was free! The skirt is the perfect midi length, it has a wonderful paper-bag waist and a cute bow that totally finishes it off.

I love how versatile the skirt is, I can’t wait to style it with a bit more edge. Maybe with a pair of metallic trainers, a band tee and a pair of Rayban Rounds. Keep an eye on my Instagram for that one!

The Bag

Marc B Knightsbridge bag

Marc B Knightsbridge bag

Marc B Knightsbridge bag

Marc B Knightsbridge bag

We all know by now that I am a huge fan of marc b bags, so when they asked me to take the Knightsbridge out for a test run I obviously said hell to the yeah. A few weeks on and I am in love. So why am I so in love? Well let me split this up for you.

The Colour –  For me, pink wins, hands down every time, this blush pink is just wonderful. It’s muted enough to go with everything, yet it still gives you that much needed colour to jazz up any outfit.

The Space – Now if you have ever owned a marc b, you’ll know that this is something that they are exceptional at. I have never seen this size of bag have so may different compartments. The space and organisation of the Knightsbridge means that I can fit my whole life into one bag…. can I get a hallelujah. Sorry tote bag but you’re having some time off.

The Versatile Strap – Another feature marc b are famed for. This bag can be worn with a long strap (see very first image) on the shoulder or cross-body. You can then double the strap up (see second image) to have it in hand, over the forearm or tucked safely under your arm. Basically you get 5 bags in one.

Quality – Marc b bags stand the test of time and the knightsbridge is no exception to this. This bag has seen the tube floor, a gig and a night out and it still looks and feels like new.

All this for £49, what are you waiting for?

The Boots

Kurt Geiger Pink Boots

Kurt Geiger Pink Boots

Now we all know that Heathrow Terminal 5 is a very dangerous place, right? Well for me it is, I pray for plane delays when I’m there, the shopping is phenomenal! Well alas there was no delays on my recent trip to Milan, (BA, you’re too good) but I did manage a quick trip to Kurt Geiger. Five minutes later and these pink suede beauties were mine at a tax free price.

Okay so they were an impulse buy, I had Milan Fashion Week coming up and they felt like an essential. A new pair of shoes can take you places, well that’s what I told myself.

They have certainly taken me to a whole load of compliments. You love them and so do I! They saw me through a day of pounding the streets of Milan, and since I’ve been back I haven’t wanted to take them off. The heel is just comfortable, you know, I can go a whole day in them but I am thankful for my slippers when I get home. For a champion of team flats that is quiet a statement. The colour is to die for, the suede is what dreams are made of and yeah I bloomin’ love them.

The Accessories

For spring I’ve teamed up with Accessorize to show you how marvellous their new collection is. I have been an Accessorize addict since time began so I can not wait to show you what they have in store (see what I said there) for you.

crochet choker

Chokers are pretty much my go to accessory at the moment, I never leave the house without one. My current collection is pretty edgy, mostly black and well not very Spring. Accessorize are simply genius with this little number that is gracing my neck above. It’s feminine, easy to wear everyday, and will allow you to gradually ease your wardrobe into the new season. I mean, come on, how cute are these crochet flowers?

Accessorize stack rings

This year I am determined to up my finger candy! This stacking ring set from Z for Accessorize is the perfect starting point. The stack is pretty, with solitaire quartz stones and cubic zirconias on the band. Oh and all the rings are gold plated, could they be any more luxe?

Accessorize earrings

This is one of many pairs of Accessorize earring that I now own, I am obsessed with their recent drop. (Oh gosh I am at it again, drop earrings, get it? ) ANYWAY….. Take this pair, easy to wear but they make a statement, the same could be said for the other pairs that I own. From jewelled ear cuffs, to jazzed up hoops, Accessorize is where it’s at if you want to  take those ears up a notch or two.

The Glasses

I have been super greedy and included two pairs of glasses, well if you can’t do it here where can you? The truth is, I always walk around with at least one pair of spectacles and one pair of sunglasses. My love of eyewear is getting a bit out of control, but I suppose there are worst things to be addicted to?

Blue Glasses

Let’s start with the spectacle shall we? They are Jack & Francis at Pretavoir. Pretavoir are an online glasses company who basically sell every brand of glasses under the sun. Just incase the sun does come out, they do sunglasses too. They have eyewear to meet everyones needs, this pair only cost £99 but if you wanted to splash the cash, they sell Dior, Chanel, Prada…. you get the picture. The service at Pretavoir is wonderful, super quick, great communication and will have you wondering why you didn’t order from them sooner.

I am pretty smitten with the actual glasses too, I love how the colour contrasts against my hair. I also love that they are round, it gives them a bit of a retro feel.

Accessorize sunglasses

The second instalment of eyewear comes in the form of these 70’s vibe sunglasses from Accessorize. I am huge fan of tortoiseshell on frames so it was love at first sight. Add the double bridge and the fact that these sunglasses are only £15, it is no wonder most of my friends have now purchased them too.

That’s it for now you lovely lot! I’d love to hear from you. Are you a gingham lover or have a huge obsession for eyewear? Would you buy anything from this look?

Big Love,



  1. I am seriously digging your boots and gingham skirt – what a gorgeous bargain buy! I’ve been avoiding getting glasses like the plague – love them on other people, just don’t think they suit my face – but love your specs so much that I may be converted yet..! xx

    1. Hi Amelia!! Thank you so much for popping by! Oh no I LOVE GLASSES…. when I was younger I used to beg to go to the options, praying that they would give me glasses. I recently got told off for wearing them too much. If you need any help picking the perfect pair let me know?

      Big Love.


    1. Hello beautiful!! Thanks for popping by. Oh my goodness you have to get the skirt it is the dream! Also you can’t beat a good door way.

      Big Love,

      Siobhan xxx

  2. WHOP UM GINGHAM STYLEEE, you look amazing this is so cute! I want those boots! Just found your blog through twitter and its as colourful as you it seems. xxx

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