Out with the New, In with the Old

The Story

Over the past month I have been reading post after post about the perfect capsule wardrobe. I’ll be honest, minimalism has never been my thing when it comes to clothes, I’m more of maximalist. More is more, less is bore, and all that.  However the new walk in wardrobe is getting that bit closer to being finished, and I can’t help but think about the deal that I made with my husband. I agreed that if it doesn’t fit in the walk in wardrobe, then I’m not keeping it. Que Carrie Bradshaw going through her closet scene, walk this way music playing. Ok, so I am minus the friends holding the Toss and Take sign but to be completely honest with you, I probably wouldn’t listen to them anyway. A lot like Bradshaw, when someone suggests that I should get rid of a piece of clothing, I’ll always find a way of restyling it. So therein lies the problem, I don’t get rid of clothes yet I keep buying them. This has led to me having a disgusting amount of clothes, even I can now admit that it’s getting ridiculous.

Here goes………I AM NOW SELLING MY CLOTHES! Slowly but surely it’s happening, a small step in the right direction, I am now in that toss or take situation. So here I am thinking about a capsule wardrobe and what it would look like for a colourful dresser.

So what is a capsule wardrobe? Well after much research here is what I have concluded. “A capsule wardrobe is a compact wardrobe made up of staple pieces in coordinating colours, usually in the realm of 30 items or fewer, including shoes and sometimes even accessories.”

What the actual dog?! Shoes and accessories also? How do you do it? I can’t see me going to these extremes however I am now seriously considering those clothes that I have worn once or not at all (I know it’s awful). Do they belong in my “capsule” wardrobe or do they need a new home?

The Dress

Asos pink dress

Asos pink dress

We’ve all done it, bought a dress for a special occasion and then never worn it again. Well this is that dress. I spotted it on ASOS probably about 3 years ago now. I knew it was the perfect piece for the Christmas night out with the girls. Wore it, loved it and then popped it in my wardrobe never to be worn again. I think the question we need to ask here is why? Why have I never worn it again? Sometimes it is simply that I have forgotten about the piece, number one reason why I need a clothes cull. With this dress though, it isn’t that, it was that I saw it as a night out piece and as my big nights out have dwindled, well I have had no reason to wear it. Until I had a rethink.

The Blouse

Topshop sheer Blouse

Topshop sheer Blouse

This blouse was a Topshop impulse buy about ten years ago. I thought it was oh so Carrie Bradshaw, (that woman has a lot to answer for) and didn’t actually think about how I would style it. The fact that it was sheer has led me to putting it on, deciding that I’m actually not that fond of the whole world seeing my bra and then putting it back on it’s hanger. So in ten years it hasn’t been worn! Until now, this blouse relaxes the dress, layering does that, bringing it into a day outfit, adding interest and ultimately covering those arms up. Sheer is everywhere at the moment so it is also bang on trend.

The Boots

Office Studded Boots


These boots are so so old and standing the test of time to be fair. I purchased them from Office, actually wore them to death, then they moved house and well they stayed hidden in their box. These boot are what the fashion world would call a “staple piece,” they go with everything, can be worn to a variety of occasions and well yeah, I’ll be keeping them.

The Bag

Chanel Boy Bag

I am still questioning my purchase of the Chanel Boy Bag. I bought it a couple of years back whilst on holiday, you know somewhere where I didn’t understand the currency so it felt completely acceptable to do so. It isn’t very me. However many bloggers ware theirs to death and quite rightly so. It definitely fits the capsule wardrobe brief. I have to question though, do I want to ware this bag with every single outfit that I put together? The answer is simply, no. So does the Boy go?

The Jacket

Topshop Faux fur jacket

There is no question about this jackets existence in my capsule wardrobe, I bought it last Autumn / Winter and it is still being worn to death this Autumn / Winter, if someone said you can only take one jacket, this would be it. For me animal print is “a co-ordinating” colour, it goes with everything.

The Belt

Waisted Belt

This belt was bought for me as a present, waisted belts were a big deal at the time of purchase and they seem to be making a come back. This belt has not seen the light of day for sometime now, in fact my huge belt collection hasn’t seen any love at all. I just stopped wearing them. This belt is perfect to complete this look, adding interest again and giving shape to the dress. If I was only allowed to keep one belt, would this be it? Probably not, it would be a close second though.

So there you have it, six pieces, carefully considered, some that make the cut some that don’t. Now to deal with the rest of my wardrobe, this may take some time.

Comment below, what would be in your capsule wardrobe? Is this something that you already have in place? Would you consider it? I wanna know!

See you next Saturday,

Big Love,



  1. Absolutely love the story behind all those pieces – also dying to see your walk in once it’s done!! I’m definitely more of a ‘boring’ dresser so I try and make most of my pieces all work together if I can, I hate not wearing things that I bought, definitely still happens though! x


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