Dip Mondays In Glitter

The Story


Well hello there! Can you believe it is the 14th of January already? Is January officially the most depressing month of all time? Well I must admit that this week I have been finding it rather hard to stay on the sunnier side of life, and well, that’s really not me. For me it’s the weather that completely effects my mood, this week has seen snow, not fun snow but sludge. So with “Blue Monday” approaching I got to thinking what keeps me going? Well amongst other things, clothes, colourful, quirky, glittery, furry clothes. The way you dress tells the world what you’re all about. So I say, get up, put on a rockin’ outfit and seize the day. Oh and if you have to, dip this Monday in lots of glitter, it might help.

On the day of this shoot I met up with my shiny new blogger friend Jaide (She has her own blog / YouTube, the works). We walked around Dreamland, chatted like we’d know each other a lifetime and snapped some great shots.

DISCLAIMER: THIS POST CONTAINS A LOT OF PHOTOS……. sorry I just couldn’t whittle them down any more.

The Coat

Urban Code Faux Fur Coat

Urban Code Faux Fur Coat

This is an oldie and I’m still so in love with it. Don’t you just love it when an item stands the test of time? I recently read that if you can pair a piece with five items from your wardrobe then it is worth investing in. Well for some that might mean a pair of Givenchy boots, for me it’s colourful faux fur. Yes it goes with everything, yes I ware it far too much and yes it receives more admirers than a sausage dog. Totally a great buy. It is from Urbancode London , they’re faux fur is phenom!

The T-shirt

Zara Dip Mondays In Glitter

Zara Dip Mondays In Glitter

Zara Dip Mondays In Glitter

This year I am going to buy more tops, I have a severe lack of exciting upper body ware. If this purchase is a sign of things to come, then 2017 is looking mighty fine. Can you ever beat a slogan tee? The fit of this tee is really flattering, the sleeves are that tad bit longer, you know to cover up those spaghetti arms. It’s going to see me through Summer and be a firm favourite on my up coming road trips.

You’ll be pleased to hear that it is now in the sale! I can no longer see it on Zara‘s website, however I have seen the last few waiting to be snapped up in store. If you can brave the Zara sale then I take my hat off to you, this top just might be worth it though.

The Trousers

Topshop Gold Trousers

Topshop Gold Trousers

Where on earth have I been? Why have I not bought these trousers before? Both questions I have been asking myself since purchasing these trousers sent from the Gods. They are so comfy, think pyjamas. I am going crazy for anything cropped at the moment so a big tick in that department too. On that note, can you remember when you used to get tormented if your jeans weren’t dragging on the floor? The word ‘half mast’ used to be shouted to the poor unsuspecting victim. Oh how wrong they were to mock.

Anyhow this particular pair are from Top of the Shop, I am obsessed!

The Trainers

Zara smile trainers

Zara smile trainers

Zara smile trainers

I’ve been on the hunt for another pair of statement shoes for sometime now. My metallic numbers have been worn so much, that they are starting to look rather sorry for themselves. I know, it makes me sad too. A good friend of mine once told me that she makes her first impression of someone based on their foot ware. This has stuck with me, I want my footwear to speak volumes.

I mean they have lightening bolts on them so really I’m already winning. Then, bam, you turn to the back and there it is, SMILE. Add the accent of metallic and the platform sole and yep, they were bought quicker than you can say ‘Greece Lightning.” Bravo Zara. They are now £15.99, I am not even mad that I bought them full price, they are that good.

The Bag

Marc B Bags Pink Bag

Marc B Bags Pink Bag

Marc B Bags Pink Bag

Marc B Bags Pink Bag

My obsession with Marc b Bags continues. Now I know I shouldn’t have favourites but what the hell, this is my favourite. Mary Poppins has nothing on me with the amount you can fit in this bag. It is such a great colour and you can wear it a million ways. This has basically led to me wearing it all the time. This is now in the sale too at £25, bargain bonanza.

Fancy winning a bag from Marc b’s new collection? Yes, yes you do. Then head over to my twitter this weekend to find out how. 

The Haircare

Bumble and Bumble

Bumble and Bumble

Bumble and bumble asked me what my hair was like. My response, dry, dry and dry. Well not anymore, thanks to them. I’ve been using their gentle shampoo, followed by their super rich conditioner for a couple of weeks now. I am so impressed. They both smell phenomenal and do exactly what they say on the tin.

The shampoo lathers up like no other shampoo, their is absolutely no need for a second wash. It leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean and nourished. The conditioner funnily enough, really is super rich. With other conditioners I’d be left with dry and tangled hair after every wash. With this conditioner  the brush simply glides through, it’s a thing of beauty.

Pre Bumble and bumble I was using a hair mask 2 to 3 times a week, not anymore. Keeping  on the topic of hair masks. Oh my word, their balm-to-oil pre-shampoo masque will sort your dry locks out in one hit. If you haven’t already, give Bumble and bumble a go, I promise you won’t regret it.

What Keeps you going throughout January? I’d love to know, go on comment away.

See you next Saturday,

Big Love,






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