Time to Shine

The Story

Dreamland Margate

Hello there! First of all, how are you doing? Have you had a splendid Christmas? Well, if you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed that I am rather obsessed with this little patch of colourful wall? The amazing Heidi Plant painted it for Dreamland, Margate . They are currently having a bit of work carried out on their building. Instead of having the usual beige MDF cover it up, they decided to ask Heidi to brighten things up a bit. Man alive was I pleased about this! However, I am now so obsessed with it, that I am getting rather concerned about what I am going to do when they take it down? I’ve already approached Heidi about painting a wall in my garden, stayed tuned!

So on this wonderful day, myself and photographer Samantha Taylor took to my favourite spot to shoot a rather special New Years Eve number.

The Dress

Metallic Dress

Milk It Silver Dress

Although winter is not my fave, I do love the fact that the clothing at this time of year has that little bit extra shine and sparkle. I first came across this beauty whilst on my daily scroll through ASOS. I saved it to my basket and knew that I would be seeing it again very soon.

It is from Milk it at ASOS, a brand that I am new to, and well, lets just say I am really loving right now. This piece is everything you would want and need from a New Years Eve Dress.

The cut is on point, long sleeves, a high neck and the length is rather long too. Basically, what I’m getting at is that it is freezing out there, so any added material is a bonus, right? Plus if you are anything like me and you have eaten a little bit too much over the festive period, well this dress will hide all of that too. Add the amazing silver colour of this dress and it gets a big  magpie thumbs up from me.

This dress can be taken from day to night and paired with just about anything. Expect to see a lot more of this number!

The Bag

Marc B Bag

Marc B Pink Bag

I recently teamed up with Marc B Bags, did a little bit of an insta take over for them, and from there I have fallen head over heels with a number of their bags.

I could ramble on about my top 5, but for now lets just stick to discussing the Viva….. isn’t she stunning? Again like the dress, the bag is perfect for day or night. You can fit all your essentials in it and wear it two ways to suit the occasion. As a clutch, or when you need a bit of hands free action, as a cross body bag, utilising that beautiful gold chain. I love mixing metallics and I think the gold and silver here are a match made in shiny heaven. I also love that the bag gives that added bit of necessary colour, however at the same time it is muted enough to compliment the dress. Finish that off with Marc b’s legendary quilting and well, it’s in the bag.

Marc b have a sale on right now and the Viva is reduced to £35! Be sure to check out their bags and my recent interview on their site.

The Belt

Studded Belt

I purchased this belt a life time ago, it is my go to belt when ever I want to give an outfit that bit of an edge. I remember the purchase like it was yesterday, my favourite blue vintage dress was just missing that je ne sais quoi. I was in London meeting my friends and just happened to pop into Warehouse for a browse. This waisted studded belt caught my eye and the rest is history. It does up at the back with those popper buttons (technical term) so it fits really neatly. I am really rubbish at making purchases like this, you know the ones that add a little summin’ summin’ to an outfit. This is something I intend to work on in 2017.

The Boots

Primark Boots

Do these boots rock my world? NO! They were a forced purchase when I had forgotten to bring any shoes on my recent trip to Edinburgh…. welcome to my world. I quickly ran in to Primark and thought the best bet was to buy a pair of black boots, they are a fail safe. I thought I’d ware them for the next few days and then they would probably never see my feet again. Well I was wrong, I tried pairing my ‘out there’ footwear with this dress and well (I can’t actually believe I am saying this but) IT WAS TOO MUCH! I know, shock horror! These boots were the perfect pairing for them. The gold metal ware and the snake print effect make them a bit more than just a pair of black boots. Plus they are super super comfy, oh and they were £15, so really whats not to like?

The Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have made a huge come back, this information makes me one happy lady. I used to be a huge lover of them in the 90’s. On Saturdays, I used to go to Topshop in Chester with my friends and spend all our money on Freedom Jewellery. The hoop revival has seen them transform themselves into a much classier affair, with some beautiful designs out there. These hoops are from Marks and Sparks and were a bargain £7.50 for a pack of 3. I’m smitten with them.

The Hair

Blue Hair

Solarium Point

I feel like I change my hair more times than I have hot dinners. Yes I have new hair and I do care! The beauts at Solarium Point have been at it again, making my hair dreams come true one brush stroke at a time. This time myself and Darren (colour magician) wanted to go for a cooler tone, I had a permanent grey applied first and then this steel blue. This way, when the blue fades slightly, I will be grey rather than platinum white, genius hey. I also went for the chop, initially it was for necessity as my ends had seen better days, but after Beebee had worked her styling magic I actually prefer it this length! What do you think?

I’ve managed to wangle you a discount at Solarium Point! If you fancy paying them a visit, mention that you have come from my blog and you’ll get 20% off! 

Anyway you beautiful lot, I gotta go and rinse this hair mask off and get ready to PARTY like it’s the last day of 2016! I can’t actually wait for 2017, I have so much planned but I’ll discuss that with you in the New Year.

See you on the other side,

Big Love,



  1. Ahh so in love with this and that wall is seriously amazing! You should ask to have it after they take it down haha! I absolutely love all the sequins, sparkle and glitter this time of year – totally not ready to let go (although I’m a January baby so can celebrate my Bday with style before I pack it away 😉 ) – Can’t wait to hear what you have planned for 2017! x


    1. I am seriously going to find out if I can have it! Me too although I think it is needed all year round, am I right? OOO Jan when in Jan is your Birthday?

      I can’t wait ti share!

      Big Love,


  2. I’m in love with your silver metallic dress although sadly I couldn’t find the dress in my size 🙁 in terms of the wall it is rather fabulous hopefully she can paint a wall for you!

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