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London Fashion Week

Hello there you lovely lot! How the devil are you? I’m all kinds of fabulous, I’ve just finished a shoot in Margate with Samuel Wiles and it looks like it’s going to be a corker. I’m now sat in Cliffs Margate, with a very strong coffee in hand, ready to do all things justauniform. I’ll get on with then shall I?

Well turn the clock back to London Fashion week, myself and the babe that is Pip Jolley took to the streets of Soho (that sounds a bit dodge, but it’s true) to cause all kinds of colour mayhem. It’s fair to say that we had an absolute blast over Fashion Week. Whilst on our adventures we stopped by an amazing muriel in Carnaby Street to do a quick shoot of our OOTD’s.

The Sequin Jacket

sequin jacket

This sequin blazer is a real oldie, you know when you buy something and years later you rediscover it and love it ten times more? Well this is that item, I wear it so much more now than I did at the time of purchase. It is from Warehouse, it is perfect for when the weather is just changing, like at the beginning of September or Spring Time. I also like to sneak it into my layers, under a big coat, for when the weather has properly turned. Much like now, brrrrrrrrrr.

The Banana T-Shirt

banana t-shirt

Disclaimer!…… I am absolutely obsessed with this brand! If you put fruit on your clothes the likelihood is that i’m going to buy it. The T-shirt is from Merrimaking and they actually rock my world. Merrymaking is fun, colourful and bloomin’ great quality. No see through T-Shirt issues here. The T-Shirt can be paired with anything, from jeans to Skirts or even layered under a pinafore. It’s long too, so you have the option of tucking it in like here or wearing it long, oooooh like over a pair of colourful leggings…. next outfit planned. I can not wait to purchase my next Merrimaking piece, keep your eyes peeled (see what I did there). Okay, I’ll stop, AWKWARD.

The Tropical Mini

tropical skirt

This is another piece brought out of the archives of my piles of clothes, that walk in wardrobe can’t come soon enough. It is again from Warehouse, and again it is seeing  much more use at the moment. It is a mini with an A-Line feel, this type of skirt suits me best….. basically they make my legs a lot more Thoroughbred than nag, which is always a bonus. My advice, if you find a skirt that suits your shape and that you feel confident in, buy it in every colour that you can, you won’t regret it. Before I move on, let’s just talk about this print. It is sooooo amazing, paired with the right items it can be worn all year round.

The Design It Yourself Obag


I’ve blogged about this bag before so apologies if you’re bored of it, actually I’m more sorrynotsorry as I love Obag’s so much. A bag that your can design yourself and reflects your personality. How has this not taken off in the U.K as much as it has in Italia? I can not wait to design my next one. The big question is, do I wait for my next Milan trip or shall I pay the London store a visit?

The Metallic Boots from Heaven

Metallic Boots

Expect to see a lot of these boots, I’m wearing them now, I wore them yesterday, who am I kidding, I’ve worn them every day since I bought them. They’re metallic, they’ve got a small heel (aka they are super comfy) and the leather is beautifully soft. Office do it again, for me they are top trumps in the footwear department. I have so many pairs of shoes from them, that I could actually set up my own Office Shoes store. If you’re a size 4 it’ll be a winner winner chicken dinner. I am struggling to purchase any footwear these days that isn’t metallic. Metallic is my neutral, it goes with everything. Add the black blocking on the toecap and heel and I’m sold… £84 sold and worth every single shiny penny.

The Banana Earrings

banana earrings

How could I not wear the banana earrings? It was just waiting to happen. As you probably know by now, I furnish my ears rather frequently with Esa Evans earrings. The reason why? Her designs are fun, they are made from quality materials and her pieces are a real talking point. You have to check it out, like go now!

The Glasses

Prada glasses

My eyewear game has gone from strength to strength since finally being told that I needed glasses, fist bump moment right there! I know this is rather odd but I’ve been wanting glasses since I was a very small person. I had been eyeing up (gosh I’m on fire today) these Prada beauties way before my glasses wearing days began. Yes I used to try glasses on all the time and long for what I could’t have. Well alas, they are mine, they’re bold, a timeless shape and exceptional quality, everything you would expect from a designer price tag. In the glasses department, invest in a classic style and keep the trend lead pairs for the less pricer brands.

The Hair


I am totally in awe of people that whip out braid styles like this in minutes, how on earth do you super beings do this? Well I’m lucky to have one of those braid babes in my life! Pip created this for me whilst we picked up our morning coffee in Pret. We have no shame at all, yes we did our hair in Pret for everyone to see. I can not wait to show you more of Pip’s hair creations, I’m seeing her later in the week for Stylist Live and I’m totally getting her to do my hair. I’ll be vlogging whilst I’m there so keep an eye on my YouTube channel.

As ever, thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the banana top and the sequin blazer would be perfect for the festive season. With the inclusion of the metallic boots you are onto a winner baby! Your page is looking as colourful as always!

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