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Primark Denim Pinafore

Well hello there! I recently went wild in the aisles in Primark and couldn’t wait to share my bargain purchases with you, I bought eleven items for £48.90, how is that even possible? Now once upon a time I used to shun Primark as I pretty much thought it was a jumble sale. Then my friends kept coming out with these wonderful pieces and telling me that they were “Primarni.” I could never believe it as the pieces always looked more high end high street, see the trick with Primark and other ‘value’ brands is to pair them with more expensive brands, a few on trend pieces and hey presto your outfit looks more luxe. Anyhow, I now bloomin love Primark, I only went in for some rubber bands for my Husbands man bun and came out with at least three outfits! Oh and no bands….woooops!

On this glorious evening myself and photographer Samuel Wiles took to Canterbury in search of the perfect shoot location. It was my favourite time of day, early evening when the light is just perfect. We decided to take a walk into Westgate Gardens, one of many beautiful gardens in Canterbury. We found the perfect spot next to the gardens wall and after many fits of laughter, we got some wonderful shots.

The Denim Pinafore

Denim Pinafore

Okay lets get to business, the star of the show, the denim pinafore. It’s from Primark, It was 12 whole pounds and it is rather good quality, like it’s heavy. There I go again talking about the weight of clothes, it’s important, right? I always swerved purchasing any form of denim from Primark, as denim is something I think you should invest in, but I really couldn’t resist this purchase. This isn’t a one season, oh it was only £12, give it to the charity shop in Spring piece. Oh no no no no, I can see me pulling this out of my wardrobe time and time again. In fact I have it on right now, it has got a bit chillier so i’ve paired it with a ribbed short sleeve polo neck. Then when it gets even chiller a jumper will easily fit underneath it, then a pair of tights and so on. You get the picture, it is versatile and timeless. The hardware is solid too, it is a great length and that huge pocket on the front gives it a more I’m from Topshop look. All in all, I am smitten.

The Talking Point T-Shirt

Are your fur real T-shirt

This is another Primark purchase and also the cutest purchase I have ever made. Who doesn’t want a furry friend on a T-Shirt? Many of my Insta friends have been asking me where this is from, they thought it was designer. To me it has a Lazy Oafs feel to it, which FYI is currently my favourite shop! Have you seen that faux fur rainbow coat on my insta feed? The T-shirt isn’t of a Lazy Oafs standard but then it was £6. It is rather on the thin side, you can definitely see my bra through it, for me though the furry friend sold it to me.

The Gold Flatforms

Gold Flatforms

These gold flatforms are my shoe best friend. I wear them all the time, they are so comfy, they make me taller, they are metallic, they go with everything and as you’ve probably guessed it, I love them. I bought them at the beginning of Summer in Zara, we all know Zara’s stock lasts about a week but that is what I sort of love about Zara. I haven’t actually seen another sole (see what I did there) in them. At the time of purchase I had to make a decision, food or shoes? Both options were shutting, there was only time for one so of course I opted for shoes. The shoe Gods were looking after me that day as they had a brand spanking new pair in the back, unworn, unstretched. My advice to you, always be nice to shop assistants that will have a look in the secret stock room for you. Nobody likes to hear the phrase “everything we have is out.” I have lived in these over the past season and I see no sign of them leaving my feet anytime soon. If you see a great pair of flatforms, purchase them, you won’t regret it.

The Gucci Satchel

Gucci SatchelGucci Satchel

When I was a teenager I worked my bottom off in restaurants and in clothes stores so that I could fulfil my Gucci handbag obsession. Back then Gucci handbags were all the rage, especially in Cheshire! Gucci then seemed to have a bit of a dip in the UK or maybe I just avoided all eye contact with them as I needed to spend my money on my mortgage, my car oh and food, you know, grown up things. But boy oh boy are they back now, they’re new collection is phenomenal and the Dionysus bag is what Gucci loving blogger dreams are made of. Alas the Dionysus is not mine so I thought I’d bring some of my old Gucci’s out of hibernation. This satchel is so old that the phone holder is the perfect size for a Nokia 3210. However as with all investment pieces it is still in perfect condition and standing the test of time. Expect to see more Gucci handbags resurrected from their dust bag over the coming blog posts.

The Pin Badges

Drink Bottle Pin Badges

It seems that the world has gone mad over pin badges recently. I’ve seen some epic pin badge creations on the ol’ Instagram, Denim jackets covered in them and looking mighty fine indeed. I have been raring to start a pin badge collection of my very own, so you could imagine my delight when my favourite jewellery designer, Esa Evans presented these beauties to me. Not only do they tick the quirky pin badge box that is oh so very on trend, they also cover something very close to my heart, GIN! Esa we really should discuss how  cute are these pins are, maybe over a Hendricks or two?

The Fishnet Socks

Fishnet Socks

Fishnets conjure up so many fabulous memories for me, I understand that this sounds rather seedy but it is completely fashion related I promise. In my uni heydays they were all the rage! I used to wear them with my faithful Topshop tartan skirt and Office shin length velvet boots. I literally thought I rocked, there are some dodgy photos floating around if you look hard enough on Facebook. The fact that they have been reborn in the form of an ankle sock (we all know how much I love an ankle sock) has made me all kinds of happy. My poor glitter socks haven’t had a look in since I purchased them. They are another Primark purchase and cost a pound. I’m going to stock up now on fishnet tights, hoping that they will help avoid the shocked looks I normally get when I have my bare legs out in November. I can fool them right?

The Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage sunglassesVintage sunglasses

Disclaimer…… These were a drunk purchase! Aren’t they often the best ones? I have bought many a designer handbag after a bottle of something fizzy and alcoholic, the credit card pain seems to disappear in this scenario, strange hey? I bought these stunners in a vintage shop for 10 Euros whilst on a recent trip to Amsterdam, tedious link to my recent Amsterdam Vlog right there! They are completely on trend (mirrored lense, round and a bar across the top) for a fraction of their designer counterparts. For me, the beauty of a vintage buy is that you’re almost guaranteed that no other being will have them. Since purchasing they’ve been complimented to the max and survived many a festival.

The Jewellery

Esa Evans x William Morris Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is another Esa Evans creation, this time she has collaborated with The William Morris Gallery. The bracelet it of such high quality and the intricate detail is just stunning, I can’t rave about her jewellery enough, you can see that it has been designed with love and each piece screams quality.


I’ve been desperate to be a part of the choker gang ever since the nineties had a come back, just like that I went from zilch to two chokers in one day. The black velvet number is from Accessorise and if you follow me on Instagram you will notice that it has become a part of my neck. Chokers go with everything and sass up everything from a plain tee to slip dress. Adding an accessory such as a choker says “listen, I’ve thought about this you know.” The ‘Gin’ Choker layered on top gives it that extra quirk that I love. This can be worn at a variety of lengths so is uber versatile.

Puck and Wanderlust Rings

Much like the choker, these midi rings from Puck Wanderlust have also become a part of my being, I can not stop wearing them. I absolutely love this brand, all their jewellery is made from recycled silver or gold. The ladies take regular trips to India, to work alongside Artisans to create each individual piece. All their stones are hand selected, ethical, hand cut and timeless. I’m aiming to have a Puck Wanderlust ring on each finger by the end of the year. Two down, eight to go!

Primark Bracelets

This Bracelet stack is £2 and once again from Primark (I told you I went wild). I originally thought it was a pack of chokers but after releasing that even my neck isn’t that small, I started to pile them on my wrist. They are adjustable to a variety of sizes, which is an added bonus if, like me most bracelets fall off your wrists. They are also mostly material which helps avoid the embarrassing green tinge that cheap jewellery often leaves. They’re great if you are wanting to go all out with the 90’s trend without breaking the bank.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this little bit of advise, if you’re going to invest, invest in pieces that are timeless rather that trend led.

Right I’m off to edit a Vlog now, oh and cook Jay some tea. No rest for the wickedly colourful.

Big Love,


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