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Dreamland Margate

It has finally happened, Spring has sprung! On this particular day the weather was so beautiful, that an impromptu visit to Margate was organised. I know I’m there all the time but honestly I hadn’t planned to be on this day. I met with photographer, Samantha Taylor and blogger, Labels For Lunch, in the wonder that is Melt. If you ever go to Margate you must pay it a visit, their gelato is heavenly, especially in a milkshake! We then made our way to Dreamland (another must visit, when in Margate). We originally went to check out The Shack for some healthy lunch, then we saw the Mermaid School (add du du duuuuuu) here. Sam was ever so prepared and just happened to have her camera with her, so we thought “We have to do a shoot here.” So here it is!!

The Blue Coat

French Connection Blue Mohair Coat

This French Connection Coat has been featured here before, to be honest it has been hiding away all Winter and I had nearly forgotten about it. My poor clothes are currently in piles here, there and everywhere. This is because my ever so handy husband is creating a walk in wardrobe of wonder, eeeeeek. Soon, all will be beautifully displayed! Anyway I digress, back to the coat. This coat is the perfect weight for this time of year and the colour is what pastel dreams are made of. The palace wool is super soft, it is fair to say I am smitten with it. There are only a few sizes left so be quick! You can click on the link or click on this picture on my FashionTap, if you too would like to be in pastel perfection.

The Co-ord


There is nothing I love more than a co-ord. This ASOS number is a particular favourite of mine, it is an oldie but goodie. The pattern, the colour, the cut, literally everything I love about it. It often gets mistaken for 60’s vintage too, which in my eyes is always a bonus. This co-ord is definitely perfect for this time of year, it eases those bare arms and legs out after being hidden away all winter long. Yeeeezus, those are some milk bottles right there. I’ve linked my favourite co-ord at the moment so you can shop it right here , it’s a good ‘un!!

The Design it yourself Bag

O Bag

Just how excited I got when I discovered this brand was, well…..lets just say I spoke very fast at the Italian lady, in an extremely high pitched voice and she told me to slow down (cringe). I was in Milan, visiting my lovely friend Adele with the as lovely Becky. We passed the Obag store in Garda, I was instantly drawn in by the fun and quirky designs on some of the bags. I discovered that it was a “design it yourself” scenario and of course I knew I was going to go all out. You get to pick the shape, size, colour, handles, lining and finishing touches (aka the fur here). There were so many different variations, you could even pick the length of the handles. What I loved so much about this, was that my friends combinations were so different and so them. I can actually not believe that this brand has not hit the UK big time. After purchasing my bag I kept seeing Obags everywhere in Milan, everyone different but boy are the popular! I have now discovered that there is an Obag shop in Crouch End, London, which of course I shall be paying a visit!

The Snake Print Boots

Snake Print Boots

Claxon……. these are the comfiest boots ever!! Ankle boots are an essential wardrobe item, they jazz up any outfit and can be worn (especially here in the UK) most of the year. I love anything with a print at the moment and surprise surprise don’t really have any great love for a plain old black pair. Due to the tones in the snake print I also  think they can be paired with just about anything, RESULT!! Price per wear equal bargain. These beauties are from River Island and they now have an almost identical pair in the sale (£20 in case you were wondering). Buy them now and you will be singing my praises as soon at the weather turns again…… oh like today!

The Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored Sunglasses

Coconut Lane have seriously upped their game over the past few months, releasing a luxe range, home wear, sunglasses, stationary and lots of pretty jewellery. I absolutely love their products, these sunglasses are part of a huge splurge I had on their site not that long ago. Their products are so much fun and so well priced, that it’s hard not to get a bit carried away. I know these pink mirrored sunnies will be going everywhere with me, especially when it comes to festival season. Plus you can people watch without anybody knowing, just a little added bonus. Talking of bonuses you can also get 20% their whole site by popping in UNIFORM20 at the checkout, sneakily got that in there, didn’t I.

The Retro Watch

Casio watch

I keep singing a song over and over again about a Casio, but I think I’ve made it up. Anyhow, I have always wanted a Casio, all throughout uni I used to see all the indie kids wearing them and could only hope to be as cool as them one day. Well here I am, down with the cool kids! Well Okay, these colourful numbers are a bit more Mermaid than Indie but nether the less, they are still cool. I actually couldn’t get over how much of a bargain bonanza they were. I am smitten with all the colours, that I have really found it hard to pick a favourite.

You may have noticed that my accessories are rather on point recently? (Go on pretend you’ve noticed). Well it’s all thanks to Iconic in Canterbury, if you are ever in Canters go and pay them a visit! It is super relaxed in there, they can not do enough for you, plus they are so knowledgable about their products. If you are not in Canters, fear not, they have a shiny new website which I have linked above. They sell everything from Troll Beads to Carat and so much in-between.

Beautify Me

I’ve added a new little section to my blog posts, see always evaluating and improving. In this section I am going to be informing you of anything that is new in my life, that has made me appear just that little bit better. Alright, alright A LOT better for those of you that have seen me on Snap of the Chat. For example, I could talk about my hair, my make up, my nails or any products / beauty accessories that I have been loving.

Stiletto Nails

Recently I changed my nails salon and I really couldn’t be happier. I have been getting acrylics for the past 6 months and always knew that I was really damaging my nails. They were so thick that you needed a pickaxe if you even wanted to remove them. Simona at Solarium point in Ramsgate introduced me to gel extensions and I haven’t looked back. I was amazed by how clever it was, no tips glued on, just Gel built on to your natural nail. The Gel feels so light compared to acrylic and overall more natural. Simona is a perfectionist and creates the most incredible pieces of art on your nails.

Rose Gold Hair

This Rose Gold hair went viral! Pretty52 featured me in a rose gold hair post next to Emma Watson, yes, can you actually believe it? It had over 21 thousand shares, which was incredible. Affinage themselves even asked my colourist for his secret recipe, later to be published on their Facebook. It is fair to say that Rose Gold dreams were created. It is all thanks to the colour genius that is Darren. He also resides at the paradise that is Solarium Point. Finally I have found a salon where everyone is not only lovely but creative geniuses. It is fair to say, if you need me, I’ll be there.

Big Love,



  1. So glad the weather is nice where you are! Yay to the warmer weather. Outstanding outfit as always! The accessories are amazing and that bag is super cute!!


    1. Spoke too soon 🙈🙈 grey grey grey at the moment but trying to brighten it up with lots of colour 💗💜💙 Thank you so much, yes the OBag is definitely a great purchase 😍😍

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