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Hello you lovely lot! Right for once in my life I’m not going to beat about the bush, I’m delving straight into the subject matter here, FASHION TAPA while back I started following Fashion Blogger, A Fashion Nerd on Instagram, I loved her style, she’s quirky and a fellow lover of colour, so obviously I became a huge fan pretty quickly. I soon got speaking to Amy over a number of social media platforms and instantly I had an amazing feeling about her. Amy is a super successful and busy blogger, with heaps of experience in the fashion world, despite this she always made time to reply to any of my comments. I am a great believer in listening to your gut when it comes to people and I had a super great feeling about Amy. Three months ago I discovered Amy had created an app and I signed up straight away. At the time I was in the back of a cab in Barcelona, I just knew I had to join there and then. The concept of the app had me shouting GENIUS, since then I’ve been telling everyone I meet all about it (sorry not sorry about that). Since then Amy has been working her bottom off to get her app off the ground. This hard work has seen her getting huge brands on board such as Kate Spade and NYX cosmetics to name but a few. Not only has she impressed the big brands but she has also made it on to Americas TV. On Friday she appeared on Shark Tank (Dragons Den to us Brits) on ABC and told the world all about her app. Well since Friday FashionTap has exploded and it appears that most of America agrees, that this app rocks!

How to Find People


One of the many clever features of FashionTap is that it allows you to find people in a number of different ways. When you register you are asked to categorise yourself as a Blogger, Brand, Boutique, Designer, Stylist, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Retailer, Photographer, Model or Fashion Enthusiast. This categorisation in part allows you to see the top Bloggers, Brands etc and basically see who others are totally loving. By tapping the user tab (as shown above) you will find others that you might want to follow and essentially turn up on your feed. I’ll come to why you would want others to turn up on your feed in a bit! I’m building suspense and I know you are totally loving it, right?


Like other social media platforms you can also find Bloggers, Models, Hair Stylist (you get the gist right?) by hitting the discover tab or by searching the top hashtags.

Finding People by Location

Search LocationsFind BloggersBrands

Here’s the bit that I really really love, you can search for users by location!!! Like seriously how GENIUS is this. As someone who has moved house a lot, I have often searched Google for a new hairstylist and found nada. This app allows you to put in a location, e.g London here, and find the creatives that you want by the category that they are in. I have also often wondered if they’re are any other bloggers where I live, I have spent hours in the past searching hashtags and location pins. This way of finding people is so straightforward! This feature will also allow brands to find bloggers in their local area, making it so much easier to find people that they may want to represent them. No more hashtag trawling wahooooooo.

Shop from the Photograph 

Shop Shopping from FashionTapCoconut Lane

As a Fashion Enthusiast, ever asked the question on Social Media, “Where did you get that …… from?” (Fill in the blank however you wish). Well guess what with FashionTap you never, ever, ever, have to ask that question ever again! I can hear you gasping, like seriously an oh my gawd moment. “Shopping from a photo, how on earth do you do that?” I hear you say! Well, Bloggers and Brands and all the other wonderful users on FashionTap will tag their items directly to the website, doing all the hard work for you. No more trawling the whole of ASOS to find a pair of shoes, that you’ve seen on you favourite blogger. In this photo I’ve linked where I got my braids done, where you can purchase my watch, my denim jacket and my sunglasses. Say you really really love my sunglasses and seriously why wouldn’t you? You simply tap on the sunglasses, the link is then highlighted in red, tap on the link and hey presto you are on the site, on the actual item all ready for you to purchase.

Get Paid

An app that pays

Right then, here is one for your bloggers out there! You know how you work your bottom off promoting clothes, products, make up and so on and really get very little for it. Basically you pretend you have a glam life but really you’re eating beans on toast, not avocado on toast. Well, beans no more! As Amy is a blogger herself she recognises this so bam, wham, thank you Mam, you will get 10% of every purchase made through your FashionTap. How crazy good is this news? Just enter your paypal details……. simples.

I’m going to end on that epic news, it is fair to say that I’m obsessed with FashioTap and I LOVE IT! If you join, do let me know so I can follow you. Oh and feel free to ask me any questions about the app, this is the highlights, there is so much more. I’m by no means an expert but I know a super nice person that is!

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