Sale buys to rock throughout Spring

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Oh hi there, I bet you thought I had died and gone to colour blog heaven? Well it has been a while but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? In my defence I’ve been super busy collaborating with some amazing brands, all coming to a super colourful blog near you very soon. This shoot was an embarrassingly long time ago that even my nail shape has changed (awks). Due to the fact that the seasons have changed since this shoot, my outfit is now is the sale. Wahooooo, I hear you cheer! On this shoot I took to the streets of Margate with Labels for lunch in pursuit of the perfect colourful spot. In true Margate style it wasn’t long till we turned a corner and poof, a derelict studio with a colourful wall was in our sights. We had a few suspect characters around that day and if you buy me an amaretto sours or two, I may tell you the rest of that one. For now though my lips are sealed.

The Knitted Bodycon Midid Dress

River Island knitted bodycon midi dress

River Island bodycon dress

River Island Dress

This River Island bodycon dress has been my ultimate go to over the past few months. I first laid eyes on this beauty back in November in River Island’s flagship store. I was on a weekend away with my gals and after a few cocktails, we decided to do a spot of shopping. We all know this is never a good idea but it kinda is also, if you get what I mean? Some of my best purchases have been whilst a bit tipsy. Anyhow my good friend Becky tried this on in cream, she looked so beaut in it, that I decided that I must twin with her immediately. It’s fair to say that both of us love this little number. It is super versatile, you can dress it up with heeled boots, dress it down with slip ons or trainers and it is great for layering. Its layering potential is what makes it great for Spring. I like to chuck a bit wooly jumper over the top but keep my legs bare for this time of year.

Its long sleeves mean that it is going to keep you warm through those April showers, however the slit up the side means it is still going to keep you cool if the sun starts to shine. I don’t know about you but I can cope with having cold legs if my top is snuggly, maybe that’s associated with my hate of tights? Who knows! I also love the knitted rib style of the material, making it stretchy and flattering. The colour sold it to me, they have it in a number of colours and they currently have the black and the cream in the sale. I normally feel sick when I see an item that I have bought full price go in the sale. But since becoming a blogger, I actually feel delighted that I can share this with you lovely lot. So here it is…… THIS DRESS IS NOW £15, I REPEAT IT IS FIFTEEN ENGLISH POUNDS. You’d be a fool not to snap this up!

The Animal Print Boots

Animal print boots

Animal print ankle boots

Okay so I know these boots won’t be for everyone but I am absolutely obsessed with animal print at the moment. I also feel that if you are brave enough or like me, you don’t really give one about what others think of your crazy dressing, that animal print goes with absolutely everything! I have far to many ankle boots and really didn’t need these, but I walked past the door way of Office and these begged me to come in. I then saw that they were in the sale, I did my best Carrie “I’m trying these on just for fun” line. Well within 5 minutes they told me there was an extra 10% off, that they loved my blog and well yeah I had purchased them. Flattery really does get you a long way when it comes to me. Unfortunately this exact pair have now gone but I have a linked a few similar ones.

The Phone Case

Coconut Lane phone case

To me a phone case is the ultimate fashion accessory. If you have spent any time with me at all, you will know that my phone is permanently attached to my hand, occupational hazard I’m afraid! So I like to make sure that my phone is super snazzy, you all went wild for this case on my Instagram so I thought I would give you the link. It is from Coconut Lane (seriously check them out) and if you fancy purchasing this or anything else off their site, use my code (uniform20) for a cheeky 20% off.

On that high note, I will love you and leave you. I promise there is a sequel to sale buys to rock throughout Spring. Just like Greece the second one will be even better and cheesier. Stay tuned.

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