Little Joe’s Deli


The Story


Well hello there and welcome to the first of hopefully a number of food and lifestyle posts on justauniform. If you’re a regular reader, you will remember that a few weeks ago I said I was going to let you in on all the wonderful independent eateries that Canterbury has to offer. I spend so much of my life these days eating and drinking in Canterbury, that I thought it was only right to share the love.

I couldn’t think of a better place to start this new venture than Little Joe’s Deli. Little Joe’s is a recent addition to Canterbury and boy oh boy is it a great one. I first stumbled across Little Joe’s Deli on Christmas Eve. I was on my way to the Christmas Carols at the Cathedral, absolutely starving, I spotted a colourful shop front, the word bagels and I was instantly sold. As I approached I was graced with a number of happy faces, great music and an extremely warm welcome, I instantly knew that I was on to a good thing. I had a good old chin wag with the guys whilst my bagel was being freshly made. I then hotfooted it into the Cathedral, bagel in tow, just before the doors closed for the carols.

I started to eat my bagel (smoked salmon and cream cheese FYI) and due to the sheer tastiness of it, I no longer cared about the growing amount of disapproving looks that I was receiving. Apparently you’re not meant to eat in the Cathedral, I was hungry, the carols lasted a long time, I am sure the big man would be fine with it. Christmas was over, I had overdosed on goose and to be quite honest I couldn’t wait to return for my next bagel fix.

The Food

little-joes-deli-menuhot dogbagelChicken Box

I am no food critic and I am never going to pretend to be, I like good food and all I can tell you is that I couldn’t stop craving my next bagel. After raving about Little Joe’s my friends decided to join me on my next visit. As I wasn’t in a rush this time I was able to cruise the menu. I learnt that not only did they make epic bagels but they were also pros at making toasties, pies, hotdogs, wraps……. the list really was endless. I got chatting to the guys again (genuinely the friendliest people you will ever meet) and learnt that EVERYTHING was homemade, even the hotdog rolls. How many places can say that these days? I have now eaten at Little Joe’s Deli a number of hundred times and the food is spot on every time.

The Interior and Finishing Touches

little-joes-deli-seatingOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Having originally had my food on the go, you can imagine my sheer delight when I discovered that you could sit in at Little Joe’s Deli. I got all kinds of excited when I was given my food on a red school tray, I actually eeeeeked. As I headed upstairs, red food tray in hand, my retro and colour radar was going all kinds of crazy. Seriously how fabulous are these yellow tiles? The seating area is set over two floors and has a crazy cool retro vibe. Usually I have to head to East London to feel this at home. You can choose to prop yourself up on the vintage stools and breakfast bar scenario or join fellow diners on the school like tables. Not only that, as Little Joe’s is located in one of Canterbury’s old and quirky buildings there are lots of different rooms to discover. Fussball and a whole caboodle of fun can be found once you have finished devouring your delicious food. The attention to detail really does make Little Joe’s just that extra bit special.

Worth a Visit and a Follow


So there you have it, if you haven’t gathered by now Little Joe’s Deli rocks my world. Since taking these photos they’ve upped their game again, they now do the good coffee, with a new espresso machine. They are also open till 9pm on a Friday and Saturday, I know where I’ll be heading after my Friday night drinks. So go on give them a follow on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to pay them a visit if you are ever in Canterbury.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever been to Little Joe’s, what did you think? Where do you tend to eat in Canterbury?

Big love,



  1. Great article – we have to visit this place together one day for sure! Im liking your entry into lifestyle/food blogging – it suits you just as much as fashion!😊


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