Beating the January Blues

Happy Blue Monday guys. Yes that is right, today has been named Blue Monday as apparently it is the most depressing day of the year. That in itself is depressing to me as ermmm, I’ll decide when I want to feel blue thanks. So here I am, doing my bit to perk up your Monday with an outfit that is filled with AMAZING January sale buys.

The Story

River Island bardot metallic skater dressBefore I start I just have to give you the story behind this shoot. The location is just divine and I would go seriously out of my way to visit it. I actually can’t believe I haven’t visited Tankerton Slopes, near Whitstable before. The beach huts will blow your mind, they are so so wonderful and colourful. On this particular day myself and photographer Samantha Taylor contracted pneumonia……….. Okay so maybe I’m exaggerating a tad but honestly it was so cold. Not Northern cold, but cold for the South non the less. I particularly enjoyed the part when I got asked whether I was cold by the passing crowds (Dorris’ walking their dogs). Hmmmm, its 3 degrees, I’m by the sea and i’m in a dress, what do you think? Well you know what they say? No pain, no gain.

The Coat

topshop-faux-fur-clutch.jpgurban-code-faux-furI have featured this coat previously and to be completely honest with you it hasn’t been off my back since. Every single time I wear this coat, someone comments on how wonderful it is and do you know what? It really is! This amazing Urbancode faux fur coat is still available from ASOS and it is crazily cheap. I am actually jealous of how cheap it is now….. £59 reduced from £259. Urbancode are my go to brand for anything faux fur and colourful. I am in the market for a shorter faux fur number, let me know if you spot one I might like?

The Bardot Dress

river-island-bardot-metallic-skater-dress-jpg.jpgriver-island-silver-dressI tried this River Island Metallic Bardot Dress on at the beginning of Autumn and absolutely loved it!! However as I had ziltch nights out planned in the foreseeable future, (add ahhhhh’s here) I popped it back on its hanger and I continued to think about it ever since. Then just after Christmas, I saw it hanging there on the virtual sale rail for…..wait for it…… £15! Seriously how could I not? I pay more than that for a days parking. RI seem to have sold out of it online overnight but go and raid your local store! The shape is super flattering and the metallic silver means that it goes with everything and can be worn all year round. Plus it can be dressed up with heels and dressed down as seen here. Failing you finding the silver beauty (I don’t want you getting into any sale fights) I have linked its counterpart in black.

The Bag

It is no secret that I’ve been after a fluffy clutch for a while now. I always knew it was going to be a bit of a novelty purchase, so I was reluctant to spend the £40 – £50 price tag most of them were carrying. Last week I embraced the Topshop sale. I had to really psych myself for this as I knew it was’t going to be a pleasant experience. I witness so many beautiful clothes abandoned on the floor. I was about to call clothesline when suddenly I saw the fluffy clutch pile. A whole caboodle of colours were available and just like an excitable Cockapoo, I was instantly distracted. This clutch was an absolute bargain bonanza….. £7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it really did need that excessive punctuation. Asos also have lots of faux fur bags at great prices, click on the link and let me know which one is your fave?

The Sophia Webster High Tops

Sophia Webster HightopsSophia Webster Riko HightopsI really have saved the best till last here. I have been lusting over Sophia Webster shoes for such a long time, they are quirky, fun, colourful and a real statement. Her shoes are what dreams are made of. However over the past few years I have been in a real dilemma on which pair to invest in. I wanted to buy a pair that didn’t end up spending most of their lives in a box, only to be seen by myself when I do my weekly shoe swoon (Sorry Jimmy). You see, recently I have become an old lady and seem to have lost the function to wear heels. Combine my poor footwork and the cobbles of Canterbury, basically you have me walking at the pace of a tortoise. Also in my opinion, flats are making a huge comeback.

The Riko High Top was the answer to all my prayers. When I saw they had gone in the sale I was all kinds of giddy. I dug my emergency credit card out and explained to my husband why they were such a good buy. These are now the same price as a pair of Nikes, I would have been mad not to buy them. I’m a big believer in buying from high quality brands when it comes to the January sales. You get a bigger discount and you know you have invested in a quality product. Anyway it is fair to say that myself and Riko are going steady and he hasn’t left my feet.

I’d love to hear your thought on this outfit? Get in touch and let me know your must have sale buys.

Big Love,



      1. I can’t believe the bag was so little!!! I saw that when it was full price and I was tempted, but I didn’t think I needed it, I can’t believe it went down so low!!!

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