Khaki now and then

Happy Sunday guys! I hope your weekend has been all about you? What have you been up to? I’d love to know. Well, I have spent the past few days with a new friend who I met through the power of social media. She’s a blogger too and bloomin amazing at it! I’m a huge believer in fate and it is crazily scary (in a good way) how much we have in common. You should totally check her out, she’s all about the colour and has the most epic flat lays. She’s called Lablesforlunch on insta. Go on click the link and you’ll see what all the fuss is about!!!!

Anyway back to me! I took to the pier in Margate with photographer and super talented animal drawer Samantha Taylor, to shoot on what can only be described as…… “A glorious day.” The weather Gods were well and truly looking after us. Don’t worry, I made sure I bought them a flat white and cake to say thank you. I have been dying to shoot against this orange door, so all in all this shoot rocked!

“Onto the clothes Siobhan, this is meant to be fashion post Sunday!” I hear you say from far and wide. Right, for todays post you are going to get two for the price of one (so lucky, right?) I am styling this River Island Khaki Pinafore Dress for now and then showing you how I will continue wearing it in Spring. This way I am bringing the price per wear down and making it a key piece in my (ever expanding) wardrobe.


The Dress is now sold out (it was that good) but River Island have brought out a wrap version at £50, which is stunning too! Clink on the link and tell me what you think? For Winter this dress is all about the layers. I intentionally bought a size up so that I could layer away. It is helpful to have lots of basics at this time of year that you can pile under your standout piece. In this case a roll neck from Topshop does the job fabulously. It’s not too thick, which is essential, as otherwise you’ll start looking like an Umpa Lumpa and nobody wants that.

I then added a top layer in the form of a scarf, which conveniently doubles as a blanket. For some unknown reason it’s not on the accessorise website but it is deafo in their stores, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, honest. The scarf was the result of a long drawn out process after my friends bought me a gift voucher. I couldn’t decide what was worthy of their kind gift. I visited said shop so many times that I might as well have worked there.  Anyhow the scarf is worthy, it is sooooooo warm and my friends approve too…. Result!

The look is finished off with the king of all camera bags from Grafea. I can’t explain how long I’ve dreamt of owning a Grafea! Come Christmas Day I was so shocked that number one, I had the bag and number two, that my husband even knew about Grafea. It’s fair to say, the boy did well! The bag is the new home for also new camera…… good times. The camera bag is £220 and worth every penny. The quality is phenomenal. They also do an amazing range of backpacks, I recommend you go and lust over them.


Goosebumps were in full flow when I delayered and tried to trick my body into think that it was Spring. No pain, no gain and all that. Getting changed in a car is never glamorous, no matter how much you try. I swapped the wool roll neck for a puss bow pink shirt from Primark, it is lightweight and FYI not see-through at all. This shirt was a mere £10, I have bought it in a number of colours, at £10, Why wouldn’t you?  As you probably know by now, hats are my favourite accessory. This fedora is hardly off my head, it’s from Primark too. They have such a great selection of hats at the moment and as they’re such a bargain bonanzas, you can afford to buy a few. This one will be a festival staple, when the Summer finally graces us with its presence.

Right, onto the sale steal of the century! The shoes. The shoes are from Topshop and they are suede, so they should be about £70 / £80 right? Wrong! They were in the sale for £15! Yes I nearly fell off my seat too when I found out. I asked the shoe lady to double check, I thought it was too good to be true. Apparently it was correct, I bought them pronto before they realised they had made a mistake. You have also probably gathered that when it comes to handbags, I’m no so thrifty. Yes, I love a designer number and in my opinion they are an investment.

Gucci bags have been all over my insta feed recently, the Dionysus shoulder bag seems to be a firm favourite. I was so pleased to see the Gucci print was back in style, I invested heavily in it in my teenager years you see. Oh to not have to pay a mortgage and all those other boring grown up things. Instead of purching a new one for my collection, (starting at £1310 to £2440) I’ve bought this number out of hibernation. You’re proud of me right?  I’m calling it “vintage” as it’s over ten years old, the OAP has already had lots of compliments, just so you know.

Wowzers, as usual that was a long one, sorrynotsorry about that. I hope this has helped you bring that one key item into next season? I’ll leave you with beautiful Margate.

See you on Wednesday.

Big Love,


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