It is time to party!

Oh my goodness, let me start by apologising! I have deserted you over the past few weeks. The festive period has well and truly taken over my life. This is of course a wonderful thing as it has meant that I have been surrounded by family and friends, drinking, eating and generally walking round with a Cheshire Cat grin on my face. I hope you’ve had a spiffing Christmas too? I bloomin’ love the Christmas period but the last day of the year is my favourite.

Yes I’m talking about New Years Eve! So many people tell me, “I’m not a fan” or “It’s overrated” and frankly it leaves me stunned. I was born in Scotland you see, and spent my early childhood witnessing the joy of “Out with old and in with the new.” The Scots know how to party and NYE is the biggest celebration of all to them! I have fond memories of my parents having an open door and neighbours coming round to see in the New Year with a “wee dram” to two (or three or four).

I am pledging to you to get dressed up, make some plans and party like it’s 1999. Give 2015 the send off it deserves.

So here it is, my NYE dream dress, I’m taking it out on the town (London town to be precise) to do some serious disco dancing with the man that I love.


I first spotted this dress whilst doing a bit of pretend shopping on asos. You know the one, put load of items in the virtual shopping basket and dream that one day you’ll be able to click buy all. This sequin stripe t-shirt dress was one of those items that I dreamt of buying. The £150 price tag meant that I really had to justify buying it, of course it’s worth every penny. The sheer weight of it means that I could go to battle on horseback, plus there must be way over a thousand sequins on there. Also the cut of the dress meant that I would wear it both day and night, meaning the cost per wear was going to be pretty reasonable.

Anyway you can see that I was definitely on my way to talking myself into buying it, when the asos angels heard my plea. Yes you guessed it, THEY SENT ME A DISCOUNT CODE! Can I get a whoop whoop? You can also grab yourself this dress at a bargain price, as it is now in the sale at £105. If you order now it will be with you in time for that New Year Eve Party that you’ve just decided to attend.

I tend to adorn a flatform on most nights out these days, they are the answer to your out out problems. Not only do they give you a bit of height (very important when you’re a short arse) but they are also comfy, meaning you are left to dance the night away pain free. This pair are from Primark and were a whopping £3! The socks are from American Apparel and were £10.Yes more expensive that my shoes but hey they are pretty epic.

So go on buy a sparkly dress and have a fabulous New Years Eve.

I’d love to hear your NYE plans and your outfit ideas, get in touch by commenting below.

Big Love,


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