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Hey guys, can you believe we are in November already? The past week has been crazy busy, our flight back from Barcelona was majorly delayed due to the fog. We got in at 3am with work the next day, I am only starting to feel like I’ve caught up on sleep. I am one of those types that needs a solid eight hours a night, how does anyone survive on less? Anyway Barcelona was amazing! It was warm, which meant I was able to escape tights for a few days (by now you know how happy this makes me). I returned to fog, rain and just overall dullness. This week I was determined to brighten up the English weather so I headed to the seaside, Margate to be precise, with my super talented friend Samantha. I am so happy to announce that this is going to become a regular occurrence. I am sure you all agree that the photos she took are stunning, nothing to do with me and all to do with her skills. This is basically the reason why you are going to scroll through a million photos, I simple couldn’t whittle it down to any less, sorry not sorry about that………

Okay so I am going to start at the top and work my way down for this one, so methodical, I know. The leather look turban is from Bows and Bespoke. I found this site on Insta and straight away fell in love with the owners headgear. Her speciality is for the mini people of this world but as I have a pea head, I don’t imagine she has ever thought that she was making them for a fully grown adult. She also caters for grown ups so that you can match your mini-me, honestly go and check her site out, like now. I have bought several bows and headbands from her and they are super fabulous.

How wonderful is this striped jumper? I found it in a drawer when I was digging out my woolies in preparation for this weather. It is cashmere, from Marks and Sparks and overall I am so glad I have woken it up from its hibernation. I have so many clothes to sort out over the next month so watch this space, who knows what I might find. On that note, have any of you used Depop? What are your thoughts? I have just signed up to it to start selling some of the items from my loved wardrobe (I am seriously lacking in space). Why hasn’t my husband built me Carrie Bradshaw’s walk in wardrobe yet? I’ve dropped enough hints.

One thing I don’t have enough of though is jewellery, I need to start investing! I literally have three necklaces on rotation and this is one of them. This necklace is from Topshop, I bought it a million years ago and it is often my go to piece to jazz things up a bit. I’d love to see your jewellery game so please tag me in any photos you post on Instagram and i’ll be sure to comment.

Right onto my two new pieces that you can actually buy now. Let’s start with the leopard print, faux fur coat from AX Paris. AX Paris reminds me so much of being a teenager, I used to go in there for bargain buys on my frequent trips to the Trafford Centre. Gosh I used to think I was so cool back then, to be fair I probably was, I bought way more designer handbags back then than I do now! This is the problem with being a grown up. Well after a while, I felt that I had outgrown AX Paris and basically stopped paying it a visit. Well how wrong I was. They have really upped their game and have some fantastic pieces, still at amazing prices. I managed to bag this in the sale for £39.99, a total steal. I’m loving a bit of animal print at the moment, I feel that you can print and colour clash it with basically anything. Well thats my ethos and I’m sticking with it. A heads up too, AX Paris have got 40% off some of their lines this weekend with the discount code 40VIP.

Okay just to warn you I am going to go on about this button up skirt a lot, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s just a boring black skirt, I thought you loved colour?” Well I do but this skirt is so divine, I love the textures, the suede and the leather, it is super flattering and believe it or not it’s really comfortable, especially for a mini. It will see me all the way through to Summer where I will be rocking it at festivals. It was the only one in River Island and it fitted like a glove, which I took as a sign. I imagine someone returned it from another store, it is however readily available online. Anyhow their loss, my gain.

It is official, boot season is upon us and I am obsessed, I can not stop buying them. Like literally, I may need help, there are so many amazing pairs out there this season. These are an old pair I pulled out of the shoe box, I like that they can see me from day to night as the studs make them more exciting. The block heel is also comfortable enough to spend a whole day in them. The look is finished off by this Purple Cambridge Satchel Company Classic Satchel, I just love the colour of the bag. Purple goes with everything in my opinion and it has worn really well. If you head over to their site, they have some fantastics new styles, I can not wait to get my hands on another one of their satchels, they are timeless and really good value for money.

I have so many exciting new looks to show you in the coming months, I am just hoping this weather changes so that I can shoot them all next week. Until then, keep in touch.

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