She wore a raspberry beret……

First of all let me apologies, not for the title (although I will do that next) but for the lack of blogging. I am currently dying of a slow and painful death. Fortunately I am dosed up to the max today which has brought much pain relief. I’m hoping that this horrible illness will leave my body soon, as first of all it’s frankly unpleasant and secondly Barcelona is just around the corner. Nobody wants to be sick in Barcelona, never mind a blogger.

Okay so the beret isn’t raspberry, I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Who doesn’t love that Prince song? If I find a beret in raspberry I am totally buying it though. As you’ve probably gathered by now, I LOVE HATS. They spruce up any outfit and can completely change your look. I had completely forgotten about this beauty, until I was watching Gossip Girl and queen bee reminded me how rockin’ a beret actually is. The full Gossip Girl look was going to come your way, well tartan is on trend but I settled for this ensemble instead. 

The beret is from Topshopit comes in a variety of colours and would you believe it, i’ve just found it in raspberry (mini fist pump moment). Guess what I have just bought? The blouse is Primark, it has such amazing detail on the neckline, however it is a tad on the see-through side so perfect under a pinafore like this! The dogtooth pinafore is Zara circa 2014 but click on the link as ASOS have some fabulous pinafores available. I bought it in Zara in Milan, have you been there? If not, you must. It is unbelievable, I managed to loose half a day in there with my good Milano friend, Adele.

Right onto the star of the show……… the coat. It is from French Connection and it comes in a variety of colours. It is super snuggly and the pop of colour makes any Autumnal day just that little bit brighter. Yes even yesterday, when it was so dull that I was seriously considering emigrating to a Caribbean Island. It is just the right weight for this time of year, meaning that you don’t find yourself putting it on and off constantly (Did anyone else start singing Katy Perry there …. nope just me). People stop me in the street to ask me where this beauty is from all the time and do you want to know the best bit? IT IS IN THE SALE! I have been stalking this stunner for some time so you can imagine my delight when I saw it hanging there on the sale rail. I just couldn’t justify spending £225 but once it was under £100, it had to be mine. So now this has got me thinking, am I going to totally regret it if I don’t get it in another colour? I need your help, which colour do you like the most?

If you have been following me on Instagram you will know that I have been fighting the dreaded tights. I have finally admitted defeat, fortunately it’s not the worst day of my life as I have managed to find these spotty tights from Primark. They are cheap as chips, which is a bonus as I usually end up spending a tenner and damaging them within a few wears. This is one of the many reason that I don’t enjoy tights. They are also much more exciting than your average 60 denier pair. On their first outing they received much love! All this is finished off by these shiny black patent brogues from Clarks. I managed to snap these up in the sale but I have linked in an amazing croc version, see what I did there? Isn’t Clarks great right now? Not only does it bring back some great childhood memories (what I’d give to use that shoe size machine thing again) but it also has some fab shoes, they’ve really turned it around. Go Clarks!

I’d love some feedback about this post, so please do comment. If you could help me with the French Connection coat dilemma too that would be AMAZING.

Until next time you lovely lot,

Big Love,



  1. Firstly get well for Barcelona! Secondly can’t wait to show you may amazing hat by Laura Apsit Liverns and thirdly I to love the pink coat!

    Mwah H x

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