River Island saves the day with suede heaven


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I’ve recently gone nuts bananas in River Island and bought half the shop. How could I not? They have so many amazing pieces in there at the moment and I had a 25% discount with ELLE magazine. That makes it practically free, right? I’m glad you agree as my husband totally reads my blog so hopefully that has convinced him. Right, onto the outfit I hold before you, where to start? The boots, lets start with the boots I hear you say, good choice!

These boots were love at first sight, I tried them on when the sun was still shining and my silver jelly shoes were receiving much love (they still are if i’m quite honest, jelly shoes in October….. yes, thats just how I role). I had a quick fight with the weight/padding that was inside the display number and ended up looking cool as a cucumber. After receiving a few interesting looks all was forgiven because they fitted like a glove. I was so pleased as last year I bought a pair in the OTK craze and due to the shop assistant being extremely complimentary I bought them. This was despite the fact that they didn’t really fit me. Yes, as my friends and family will tell you, I am a sales assistants dream! I spent the whole of last A/W pulling them up and just generally looking a bit strange. I keep telling myself they aren’t a complete waste as one day when I grow up and wear jeans they will be perfect. Anyway the boots are an absolute dream, they are comfy and come in black, grey and brown. Plus they are pretty reasonable at £75 a pair, my friends are already on their way to purchase.  These beauties will be a firm favourite of mine over the coming months.

The blue suede skirt also from RI is again super comfy, in fact my “Sunday funday” friends are super lucky I didn’t fall asleep on them. The blue is quite subtle and therefore it goes with almost everything, not that colour clashing has ever bothered me. This roll-neck jumper is from Warehouse it was purchased last year and is still looking mighty fine in 2015. It is the perfect jumper for when it is getting a bit nippy. I really feel like i’m some sort of brand obsessor as this satchel bag is also from………. you guessed it River Island. My wonderful friend (yes, that’s you Sarah) bought it for me in February and they now have a suede versions that totally rocks too.

It’s all finished off by these Miu Miu sunglasse (aren’t drunk purchases they best?) and a fedora from Accessorize. I simply love hats which you will start to witness if you continue to follow my exciting little journey.

Please comment below if you have any questions or simply want to say nice things (can’t blame a girl for trying). Oh and i’ve also outdone myself on this blog and linked all the items mentioned, impressive I know (just call me Steve Jobs). If it is an old item I’ve linked a similar one because I’m nice like that. Until next time……

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