The bore of Autumn dressing brought alive by the Seventies

Happy Monday everybody,

Is a Monday every really that happy? Unless you’re on a beach in Barbados then I guess yes you’re probably quite happy right now. Well lets try and brighten things up a bit, the weather seems to have changed today and its less Indian Summer and more Grey Yorkshire kind of weather which brings me perfectly onto my post. Every year I dread Autumn / Winter, my friends get all excited about winter woollies and wrapping up but to be quite honest with you I can’t stand the cold, wrapped up or not. I have never seen the attraction of wrapping up in clothes that make you itch……. not only does Autumn / Winter fashion leave me scratching, it also bores me to tears. The only time I have ever got excited about a winter piece was when my Granny Betty brought out a “would you like this old thing” only to reveal a cream goat fur coat circa 1930’s. I swear it had a gold gleam around it as she placed it in my arms.

However I am pleased to announce that I am excited about it this year! Insert wahoooooos here >>>>>>>>> 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

The Seventies revival has sure brought COLOUR yes colour in Autumn / Winter I know and lets face it, crazy cool style as well. The high street shops are full of inspirational pieces from this era and frankly I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t been able to control myself in River Island and Zara (October shopping haul post coming soon) in particular over the past few weeks. My credit card enjoys constant use so it’s absolutely fine……..honest 😳

So here it is the outfit that has made me love Autumn 










This burnt orange cropped jumpsuit from Zara has literally brought two items back from the dead. I bought this cape from good old Marks and Spencer last year when the Burberry cape meant that the high street went crazy with lookalikes. I dreamt of a day where I would own an initialled version just like CD but then I woke up and found this little number hanging there with my name on it (not literally). It came home and it hung in my wardrobe with the “oh maybe she’ll wear us one day” crew. I simply didn’t have anything that it went with, all the celebs seemed to be pairing them with jeans and OTK boots but as I am a jean / trouser-aphobe I was lost. Now onto the second item this bag, 😍👜 I bought it in a little vintage shop in Kreuzberg, Berlin (If you haven’t been there, you must, quick get on the plane now). It was taken everywhere for about two weeks and then placed in the small pile of bags that I own 🙈 and forgotten about. I think its style, material and colour totally compliment this outfit and the seventies trend, plus it folds into a smaller version if you want to mix it up a bit.

Hiding underneath the layers is this stunning crochet top from Zara, I am terrible at buying tops as I always steer towards the bigger pieces, this was a quick oh that’ll do purchase as I walked out of the changing room with the jumpsuit. Once I got it home I realised it doesn’t just do, it’s stunning, the detailing on the sleeves and neckline is just wow. These fringed ankle boots are from ……… Primark yes you read right Primark, since buying them I have seen Topshop selling an identical pair for tripple the price, bargain bonanza! The outfit is finished off with a wooden necklace bought in a vintage shop in Canterbury. It’s called Frocks and Stock, if you’re ever here go give it a visit, its a hidden gem of a place.

Please do keep in contact, ask me questions or simply comment on what you like or don’t like (try not to be too horrible 👀).

Looking forward to posting again very soon.

Big Love,


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  1. I went and bought the boots today because of you! I’m on a shopping ban, but you were always a bad influence when it came to shopping! I love them, thank you. Loving the blog too x

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