The first post is the sweetest!


Well hello there!

I can’t believe that the day has finally come that I can officially say that I have my own fashion blog, how exciting is that!!? Well OK it may not be that exciting to anybody but myself, my husband, my parents and my friends (although I think they’re all sick of me talking about it already) right now but who knows where this might go. For the moment I am more than happy to do it just for myself and hope that I inspire a few others along the way to simply be true to who they are. Gosh you’re probably thinking cliche girlfriend but hey it is true. This page will evolve and become even more fantastic as my fashion blogging journey unravels. Frankly I couldn’t wait for it to be all singing and dancing because I am far too impatient and yes you guessed it, just a little bit excited. Stay tuned for outfit updates, (the most important part) a section about me and how I have got to this point.

In the meantime, please please please ask me anything that you would like to know whether it be about fashion or on a more personal level.

Gosh that was fun 🙂

Big Love,


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