Dip Mondays In Glitter

The Story


Well hello there! Can you believe it is the 14th of January already? Is January officially the most depressing month of all time? Well I must admit that this week I have been finding it rather hard to stay on the sunnier side of life, and well, that’s really not me. For me it’s the weather that completely effects my mood, this week has seen snow, not fun snow but sludge. So with “Blue Monday” approaching I got to thinking what keeps me going? Well amongst other things, clothes, colourful, quirky, glittery, furry clothes. The way you dress tells the world what you’re all about. So I say, get up, put on a rockin’ outfit and seize the day. Oh and if you have to, dip this Monday in lots of glitter, it might help.

On the day of this shoot I met up with my shiny new blogger friend Jaide (She has her own blog / YouTube, the works). We walked around Dreamland, chatted like we’d know each other a lifetime and snapped some great shots.

DISCLAIMER: THIS POST CONTAINS A LOT OF PHOTOS……. sorry I just couldn’t whittle them down any more.

The Coat

Urban Code Faux Fur Coat

Urban Code Faux Fur Coat

This is an oldie and I’m still so in love with it. Don’t you just love it when an item stands the test of time? I recently read that if you can pair a piece with five items from your wardrobe then it is worth investing in. Well for some that might mean a pair of Givenchy boots, for me it’s colourful faux fur. Yes it goes with everything, yes I ware it far too much and yes it receives more admirers than a sausage dog. Totally a great buy. It is from Urbancode London , they’re faux fur is phenom!

The T-shirt

Zara Dip Mondays In Glitter

Zara Dip Mondays In Glitter

Zara Dip Mondays In Glitter

This year I am going to buy more tops, I have a severe lack of exciting upper body ware. If this purchase is a sign of things to come, then 2017 is looking mighty fine. Can you ever beat a slogan tee? The fit of this tee is really flattering, the sleeves are that tad bit longer, you know to cover up those spaghetti arms. It’s going to see me through Summer and be a firm favourite on my up coming road trips.

You’ll be pleased to hear that it is now in the sale! I can no longer see it on Zara‘s website, however I have seen the last few waiting to be snapped up in store. If you can brave the Zara sale then I take my hat off to you, this top just might be worth it though.

The Trousers

Topshop Gold Trousers

Topshop Gold Trousers

Where on earth have I been? Why have I not bought these trousers before? Both questions I have been asking myself since purchasing these trousers sent from the Gods. They are so comfy, think pyjamas. I am going crazy for anything cropped at the moment so a big tick in that department too. On that note, can you remember when you used to get tormented if your jeans weren’t dragging on the floor? The word ‘half mast’ used to be shouted to the poor unsuspecting victim. Oh how wrong they were to mock.

Anyhow this particular pair are from Top of the Shop, I am obsessed!

The Trainers

Zara smile trainers

Zara smile trainers

Zara smile trainers

I’ve been on the hunt for another pair of statement shoes for sometime now. My metallic numbers have been worn so much, that they are starting to look rather sorry for themselves. I know, it makes me sad too. A good friend of mine once told me that she makes her first impression of someone based on their foot ware. This has stuck with me, I want my footwear to speak volumes.

I mean they have lightening bolts on them so really I’m already winning. Then, bam, you turn to the back and there it is, SMILE. Add the accent of metallic and the platform sole and yep, they were bought quicker than you can say ‘Greece Lightning.” Bravo Zara. They are now £15.99, I am not even mad that I bought them full price, they are that good.

The Bag

Marc B Bags Pink Bag

Marc B Bags Pink Bag

Marc B Bags Pink Bag

Marc B Bags Pink Bag

My obsession with Marc b Bags continues. Now I know I shouldn’t have favourites but what the hell, this is my favourite. Mary Poppins has nothing on me with the amount you can fit in this bag. It is such a great colour and you can wear it a million ways. This has basically led to me wearing it all the time. This is now in the sale too at £25, bargain bonanza.

Fancy winning a bag from Marc b’s new collection? Yes, yes you do. Then head over to my twitter this weekend to find out how. 

The Haircare

Bumble and Bumble

Bumble and Bumble

Bumble and bumble asked me what my hair was like. My response, dry, dry and dry. Well not anymore, thanks to them. I’ve been using their gentle shampoo, followed by their super rich conditioner for a couple of weeks now. I am so impressed. They both smell phenomenal and do exactly what they say on the tin.

The shampoo lathers up like no other shampoo, their is absolutely no need for a second wash. It leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean and nourished. The conditioner funnily enough, really is super rich. With other conditioners I’d be left with dry and tangled hair after every wash. With this conditioner  the brush simply glides through, it’s a thing of beauty.

Pre Bumble and bumble I was using a hair mask 2 to 3 times a week, not anymore. Keeping  on the topic of hair masks. Oh my word, their balm-to-oil pre-shampoo masque will sort your dry locks out in one hit. If you haven’t already, give Bumble and bumble a go, I promise you won’t regret it.

What Keeps you going throughout January? I’d love to know, go on comment away.

See you next Saturday,

Big Love,





What a Difference a Year Makes


The Story So Far


Lets just start by saying Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had an amazing start to 2017?  The New Year sees lots of us looking towards the future, fresh starts, resolutions and lots of positivity, which of course I love. However today I wanted to look back! I think it’s important to take the time to reflect and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you have achieved! I say, if you can’t blow your own trumpet, who will? Seriously though, this isn’t a look at what I have done brag, but a refection on the journey that the past year has been. I’m hoping it will inspire you to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy.

So yes, that is what the past year has brought me, happiness. Wind the clock back a year ago and I had just left my full time job, a job that had quite frankly zapped the life out of me (more on that here). It took me a good couple of years of well considered thought to come to the decision that I needed leave. So by the time 2016 came and my three month notice period was over, I just knew that I had made the right decision. There was going to be no looking back, quite ironic given this blog post, but alas, I had mixed emotions. I was excited, a new venture, I felt free. But in contrast I had a little bit of the good nerves, the unknown, relying just on me, myself and I to make this happen. I just knew it was going to be A OK, I had a good feeling but there was no certainty.

The Decision 


This photo (captured beautifully by the husband) above is literally the moment I decided to leave teaching and become a blogger. Yes we were in paradise, yes we may have had rather a lot of Prosecco, but I just knew it was right. This was what I needed, this was me!

Now it is no secret that pre justauniform I was no stranger to posing in front of walls. I was known for making my friends take poor quality photos of me on my iPhone 4. I’m looking back now and questioning why I did this? I didn’t even know that blogging was a thing, I always dreamed of working for a fashion magazine, but it was simply that, a dream. I suppose now I think about it, I liked documenting my outfits. Friends, then strangers, then even brands (thanks Monsoon) starting commenting and reposting my pictures. It got me thinking, I liked it.

The real turning point took place on the day of the picture in the pool (above). I know what you’re thinking, go on what happened? Well I watched IRIS, her love of fashion mimicked how I felt, how it made me feel excited. I loved how she didn’t care what the world thought about how she dressed, she dressed her way because well, she loved it. Watching her documentary made me realise what really made me happy, fashion.

The Change



So yes, my appearance has changed! I’ve had my nose pierced and I’ve had more hair colours than you can count on your fingers. This isn’t just about the look though, this is about me being able to be me. Being able to express who I am. The six years previous saw my colourful personality being chipped away at, as the years went on I could hardly recognise myself. No make up, hair that only saw a salon if I had time (and I never had any of that) and clothes that were worn due to convenience. Forget all of that though, one huge thing was missing, my smile!


This year has given me my energy back, I’m smiling and I’m back to being who I want to be, the bonkers, crazy, slight screw loose, me.

The Journey in Photos


This is the very first photo posted on justauniform.com. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I found a doorway (that’s what I thought bloggers do and I wasn’t wrong), coerced my friend into snapping a few pics on my phone for me, and got to putting them up on my shining new site for the whole world to see.

Lesson number one was learnt here, if the shoes are high, bring spares to change into. Anyway, off I hobbled ……..

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This is my very first professional shoot, it was with my photographer and very good friend Samantha Taylor. On this shoot I discovered my love of colourful street art as backdrop. I am still absolutely smitten with this shoot.

Lesson number two, if you are lucky enough to find a great photographer, that not only takes good picture but you gel with, treat them like royalty. You need this to create a successful shoot.

The photos Sam has of me when I’m dying of laughter are under lock of key, I have to pay her in good coffee to not share them with the world.


This is my most recent shoot, if you read my last blog post or follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I am now obsessed with this wall.

This leads me nicely onto lesson number three, create the images that you want. It is your blog after all.

It is so so tempting to get feed envy (yep this is a thing) and try and imitate another. But seriously, DO YOU! What is the point in doing something somebody else is already doing? The bloggershere is becoming more saturated by the minute, if you want to be noticed, you need to create your own ideas.

The Experiences



It’s not until I got thinking about what I’ve been able to do this year, that I actually took a step back and thought, wow, you’ve been one lucky lady. From my very first press event to attending both London Fashion Weeks, each and every event has given me something. Firstly pure joy, I mean how exciting, a brand wanting me to attend their event? But secondly, connections, no matter how small the event, it has been 100% been worth attending.

I remember being so nervous attending my first press event, I had images of the Devil Wears Prada. You’ll be pleased to hear my worries were not needed, everyone I have come across in the blogging world is pure delight. It’s like we’re all in it together, one big happy fashion loving family.

Before we go any further let me take this moment to tell you my favourite part of the past year, FASHION WEEK! To me it is the most wonderful time of the year, I absolutely love it. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “It makes me feel alive.”

What have I learnt from attending blogger events? Be the best kind of you, friendly, grateful and bring business cards, lots of them! That reminds me, I need to get ordering some more.

This year sees me attending fashion weeks across the globe, be sure to follow my adventures on my youtube channel. Cheeky plug there, but if I can’t do it here, where can I?

The OH MY GAWD Moments


Does this section need much explaining? I hope not! That is me, yes me, next to Emma Watson on Pretty 52’s feature on rose gold hair. ACTUALLY CRAZY!! My friends were tagging me saying, “Siobhan, it’s you.” After 2 hours it had been shared 21 THOUSAND times. I’m still getting my head around it to be honest.


My favourite shoe brand asked me permission to use this photo on their newsletter and I nearly died. I screamed so loudly that Jay (my husband) thought something terrible had happened. It hadn’t.

The Luckiest Girl in the World

I can’t get over how many brands I have been privileged to collaborate with. From the small independents to the world wide mega brands, all have been an absolute dream, they’ve taught me something along the way and made me, as a blogger, improve.

My only advice here is only work with brands who like what you are doing, essentially, your brand. I am a colourful blogger. If I start posting minimalist monochrome photos and raving about Scandi style, all because I’m being paid to, then I have completely lost sight of why I went into this in the first place. Yes working this way means that it takes that little bit longer to build your blog, but trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Take Solarium Point, for example. I love that place, they are phenomenal, collaborating with them is an absolute breeze. Do I find it hard to promote them, no, I could do it all day, every day. Why? Because I truly love it there and I believe that you will too. I rave about it way more than I’m asked to because I love it. Have I said that I love it? In all seriousness though, could you imagine if I raved about getting my hair done at a salon, then you got your hair done at said salon and it was awful? What would that do for my rep? I never want to be responsible for hideous hair, point made.

The Future


So what does 2017 look like? There is travel, lots of it. New collaborations with some phenomenal brands are on the horizon. New blogging friendships are blossoming and really who knows? I know everyone says this at the beginning of a New Year but I’ve got a really good feeling about 2017.


Looking forward, here are a few quotes that I live my life by.

  1. Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  2. Be a radiator, not a drain.
  3. You only get what you give.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather lengthy post (even by my standards).

Wow, what a year it has been!

See you next Saturday for the usual fun filled fashion blog post.

Big Love,





Time to Shine

The Story

Dreamland Margate

Hello there! First of all, how are you doing? Have you had a splendid Christmas? Well, if you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed that I am rather obsessed with this little patch of colourful wall? The amazing Heidi Plant painted it for Dreamland, Margate . They are currently having a bit of work carried out on their building. Instead of having the usual beige MDF cover it up, they decided to ask Heidi to brighten things up a bit. Man alive was I pleased about this! However, I am now so obsessed with it, that I am getting rather concerned about what I am going to do when they take it down? I’ve already approached Heidi about painting a wall in my garden, stayed tuned!

So on this wonderful day, myself and photographer Samantha Taylor took to my favourite spot to shoot a rather special New Years Eve number.

The Dress

Metallic Dress

Milk It Silver Dress

Although winter is not my fave, I do love the fact that the clothing at this time of year has that little bit extra shine and sparkle. I first came across this beauty whilst on my daily scroll through ASOS. I saved it to my basket and knew that I would be seeing it again very soon.

It is from Milk it at ASOS, a brand that I am new to, and well, lets just say I am really loving right now. This piece is everything you would want and need from a New Years Eve Dress.

The cut is on point, long sleeves, a high neck and the length is rather long too. Basically, what I’m getting at is that it is freezing out there, so any added material is a bonus, right? Plus if you are anything like me and you have eaten a little bit too much over the festive period, well this dress will hide all of that too. Add the amazing silver colour of this dress and it gets a big  magpie thumbs up from me.

This dress can be taken from day to night and paired with just about anything. Expect to see a lot more of this number!

The Bag

Marc B Bag

Marc B Pink Bag

I recently teamed up with Marc B Bags, did a little bit of an insta take over for them, and from there I have fallen head over heels with a number of their bags.

I could ramble on about my top 5, but for now lets just stick to discussing the Viva….. isn’t she stunning? Again like the dress, the bag is perfect for day or night. You can fit all your essentials in it and wear it two ways to suit the occasion. As a clutch, or when you need a bit of hands free action, as a cross body bag, utilising that beautiful gold chain. I love mixing metallics and I think the gold and silver here are a match made in shiny heaven. I also love that the bag gives that added bit of necessary colour, however at the same time it is muted enough to compliment the dress. Finish that off with Marc b’s legendary quilting and well, it’s in the bag.

Marc b have a sale on right now and the Viva is reduced to £35! Be sure to check out their bags and my recent interview on their site.

The Belt

Studded Belt

I purchased this belt a life time ago, it is my go to belt when ever I want to give an outfit that bit of an edge. I remember the purchase like it was yesterday, my favourite blue vintage dress was just missing that je ne sais quoi. I was in London meeting my friends and just happened to pop into Warehouse for a browse. This waisted studded belt caught my eye and the rest is history. It does up at the back with those popper buttons (technical term) so it fits really neatly. I am really rubbish at making purchases like this, you know the ones that add a little summin’ summin’ to an outfit. This is something I intend to work on in 2017.

The Boots

Primark Boots

Do these boots rock my world? NO! They were a forced purchase when I had forgotten to bring any shoes on my recent trip to Edinburgh…. welcome to my world. I quickly ran in to Primark and thought the best bet was to buy a pair of black boots, they are a fail safe. I thought I’d ware them for the next few days and then they would probably never see my feet again. Well I was wrong, I tried pairing my ‘out there’ footwear with this dress and well (I can’t actually believe I am saying this but) IT WAS TOO MUCH! I know, shock horror! These boots were the perfect pairing for them. The gold metal ware and the snake print effect make them a bit more than just a pair of black boots. Plus they are super super comfy, oh and they were £15, so really whats not to like?

The Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have made a huge come back, this information makes me one happy lady. I used to be a huge lover of them in the 90’s. On Saturdays, I used to go to Topshop in Chester with my friends and spend all our money on Freedom Jewellery. The hoop revival has seen them transform themselves into a much classier affair, with some beautiful designs out there. These hoops are from Marks and Sparks and were a bargain £7.50 for a pack of 3. I’m smitten with them.

The Hair

Blue Hair

Solarium Point

I feel like I change my hair more times than I have hot dinners. Yes I have new hair and I do care! The beauts at Solarium Point have been at it again, making my hair dreams come true one brush stroke at a time. This time myself and Darren (colour magician) wanted to go for a cooler tone, I had a permanent grey applied first and then this steel blue. This way, when the blue fades slightly, I will be grey rather than platinum white, genius hey. I also went for the chop, initially it was for necessity as my ends had seen better days, but after Beebee had worked her styling magic I actually prefer it this length! What do you think?

I’ve managed to wangle you a discount at Solarium Point! If you fancy paying them a visit, mention that you have come from my blog and you’ll get 20% off! 

Anyway you beautiful lot, I gotta go and rinse this hair mask off and get ready to PARTY like it’s the last day of 2016! I can’t actually wait for 2017, I have so much planned but I’ll discuss that with you in the New Year.

See you on the other side,

Big Love,



The Story

Lazy Oaf Dress

Hello hello hello hello! I hope you are bloomin’ marvellous? I’m currently sat in The Falstaff in Canterbury, I’ve swapped my normal skinny latte for an espresso martini because, number one, I can and number two, it’s Friday so it’s a bit more socially expectable. Anyway if you ever find yourself in Canterbury on Friday or any other day of the week for that matter, make sure you visit The Falstaff, their cocktails are that thumb and first finger together emoji… you know the one, yes?

Back to this wonderful shoot, it really wasn’t that long ago but due to the severe change in weather, the clocks going back and basically it turning into winter over night, it feels like a lifetime ago. On this day, the temperature was in double figures and I hadn’t even considered where my furry coat was. I met up with Piparoo, had a few meetings in London and headed towards this fabulous wall in Shoreditch, London.

The Introvert Skater Dress

Lazy Oaf Dress

Lazy Oaf Dress

I’m currently obsessed with Lazy Oaf, I know, I know, I’m late to the party. Their clothes are colourful, quirky, extremely comfortable and their slogans and prints rock my world. This dress is no exception to the last sentence. The material is phenomenal, I know this dress will still look great in years to come. The finishing touches to the dress, in the form of the black trimming (technical term) to the collar, arms and bottom really add that I’m quality touch. The fit is loose, which means it is super flattering and comfortable at the same time, there’s no need to take it off as soon as you get home and get straight into your pyjamas, bonus hey?

The real reason I am so in love with Lazy Oaf though is how fun their clothes are. I love the colour of this dress and well writing “introvert” on the back just sold it to me! If you know me, you’ll know I couldn’t be further from an introvert if I tried. Gosh, aren’t I funny? Well I thought so, so I bought it. I’ll be sure to be adding much more Lazy Oaf attire to my wardrobe soon, what do you love from their recent collection?

The Metallic Trainers

Office Metallic Trainers

Office Metallic Trainers

If you are a regular reader, you will know by now that I love metallic shoes in any form. Boots, trainers, wellingtons, if it’s metallic, I’m all over it. Therefore when I saw these Office beauties in the sale (at £22, FYI) I couldn’t resist. Not only are they metallic but they are also a great shape, super comfortable and they are also a flatform, so give me a much needed bit of height. Short girl problems 101! Metallics go with EVERYTHING, I’ve worn them to death, I love them, I really can’t say much more than that. Other than buy them quick if you are a size 5 or a 6 as they are selling out fast.

The Red Satchel 

Marc Jacobs Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

Here it is, the odd designer splurge that I talk about. I bought this bag, like many of my designer bags a lifetime ago. I was at uni, had no mortgage and worked in a bar part time to fund my habit…… designer handbags. I’ll never forget this purchase, I spotted it in Look magazine, it was feature in their splurge section. I remember thinking “wow, what a beauty!” The next day I was out for lunch with my girlfriends and there it was, sat pride of place in Harvey Nics as soon as I walked in. I don’t know about you but I’m a great believer in fate, so of course without much consideration for my bank balance it was mine.

The great think about a designer handbag is that your get what you pay for, this bag is easily 10 years old and it looks brand new! The bag is just the right size, it can fit all your essentials in it and has several compartments. It is pretty hardwearing and rather structured. It also comes with a thick detachable strap allowing it to be worn on the shoulder or handheld as see here. Anyhow I swear by investing in key pieces and this Marc Jacobs satchel proves why.

The Glasses

Ray Ban Glasses

Ray Ban Glasses

It’s no secret that I love glasses and I now have quiet the collection. People often stop me in the street to ask me where I got these spectacles, so here it is….. They are by RayBan at pretavoir.co.uk . I can not recommend pretavoir enough, they sell a HUGE range of designer sunglasses and glasses at great prices. At first, I was a bit concerned about buying spectacles online but I assure you it is so so easy and fast. All you need is your prescription and they will take care of the rest.

I love the shape of these glasses and the fact that they give a bit of a retro vibe. I also love tortoiseshell when it comes to eyewear. Combining the shape, the colour and the lightweight nature of the frame, it is no wonder that they are permanently attached to my face.

The Jewellery

Annie Haak

My latest jewellery obsession, Annie Haak! I mean, just look at it! Colourful, check. Easy to wear, check. Oh and it is stackable so you can build your collection or just wear one or two of the bracelets or rings, it is completely up to you. Annie Haak has something for everyone, from simple designs to the extravagant, think Pinterest arm candy goals. I can’t thank Iconic enough for introducing me to this amazing brand.

Bering Watch

Another brand I’ve recently been introduced to is Bering. Believe it or not, I really enjoy the simplicity of this watch. It can be worn day or night, it could be worn with jeans and a tee one day and then the next day with a ball gown. To me a good watch is something everyone should own. My Dad bought me a very similar watch when I was 18 and it’s still in style, some would say it is timeless.

The Hair

Solarium Point

My love for Solarium Point grows every day. They are so talented and make my hair dreams come on a regular basis. We are calling this look ombre mermaid, isn’t it wonderful? Not only are they talented at what they do but the salon is a dream. Want to see more? Check out my youtube!

I’ll see you again next week, but in the meantime I want to leave you with the images below. Seriously they should make a documentary about blogging, if only you knew how unglamorous it actually was.

Big Love,





Let’s go Bananas

London Fashion Week

The Story

London Fashion Week

Hello there you lovely lot! How the devil are you? I’m all kinds of fabulous, I’ve just finished a shoot in Margate with Samuel Wiles and it looks like it’s going to be a corker. I’m now sat in Cliffs Margate, with a very strong coffee in hand, ready to do all things justauniform. I’ll get on with then shall I?

Well turn the clock back to London Fashion week, myself and the babe that is Pip Jolley took to the streets of Soho (that sounds a bit dodge, but it’s true) to cause all kinds of colour mayhem. It’s fair to say that we had an absolute blast over Fashion Week. Whilst on our adventures we stopped by an amazing muriel in Carnaby Street to do a quick shoot of our OOTD’s.

The Sequin Jacket

sequin jacket

This sequin blazer is a real oldie, you know when you buy something and years later you rediscover it and love it ten times more? Well this is that item, I wear it so much more now than I did at the time of purchase. It is from Warehouse, it is perfect for when the weather is just changing, like at the beginning of September or Spring Time. I also like to sneak it into my layers, under a big coat, for when the weather has properly turned. Much like now, brrrrrrrrrr.

The Banana T-Shirt

banana t-shirt

Disclaimer!…… I am absolutely obsessed with this brand! If you put fruit on your clothes the likelihood is that i’m going to buy it. The T-shirt is from Merrimaking and they actually rock my world. Merrymaking is fun, colourful and bloomin’ great quality. No see through T-Shirt issues here. The T-Shirt can be paired with anything, from jeans to Skirts or even layered under a pinafore. It’s long too, so you have the option of tucking it in like here or wearing it long, oooooh like over a pair of colourful leggings…. next outfit planned. I can not wait to purchase my next Merrimaking piece, keep your eyes peeled (see what I did there). Okay, I’ll stop, AWKWARD.

The Tropical Mini

tropical skirt

This is another piece brought out of the archives of my piles of clothes, that walk in wardrobe can’t come soon enough. It is again from Warehouse, and again it is seeing  much more use at the moment. It is a mini with an A-Line feel, this type of skirt suits me best….. basically they make my legs a lot more Thoroughbred than nag, which is always a bonus. My advice, if you find a skirt that suits your shape and that you feel confident in, buy it in every colour that you can, you won’t regret it. Before I move on, let’s just talk about this print. It is sooooo amazing, paired with the right items it can be worn all year round.

The Design It Yourself Obag


I’ve blogged about this bag before so apologies if you’re bored of it, actually I’m more sorrynotsorry as I love Obag’s so much. A bag that your can design yourself and reflects your personality. How has this not taken off in the U.K as much as it has in Italia? I can not wait to design my next one. The big question is, do I wait for my next Milan trip or shall I pay the London store a visit?

The Metallic Boots from Heaven

Metallic Boots

Expect to see a lot of these boots, I’m wearing them now, I wore them yesterday, who am I kidding, I’ve worn them every day since I bought them. They’re metallic, they’ve got a small heel (aka they are super comfy) and the leather is beautifully soft. Office do it again, for me they are top trumps in the footwear department. I have so many pairs of shoes from them, that I could actually set up my own Office Shoes store. If you’re a size 4 it’ll be a winner winner chicken dinner. I am struggling to purchase any footwear these days that isn’t metallic. Metallic is my neutral, it goes with everything. Add the black blocking on the toecap and heel and I’m sold… £84 sold and worth every single shiny penny.

The Banana Earrings

banana earrings

How could I not wear the banana earrings? It was just waiting to happen. As you probably know by now, I furnish my ears rather frequently with Esa Evans earrings. The reason why? Her designs are fun, they are made from quality materials and her pieces are a real talking point. You have to check it out, like go now!

The Glasses

Prada glasses

My eyewear game has gone from strength to strength since finally being told that I needed glasses, fist bump moment right there! I know this is rather odd but I’ve been wanting glasses since I was a very small person. I had been eyeing up (gosh I’m on fire today) these Prada beauties way before my glasses wearing days began. Yes I used to try glasses on all the time and long for what I could’t have. Well alas, they are mine, they’re bold, a timeless shape and exceptional quality, everything you would expect from a designer price tag. In the glasses department, invest in a classic style and keep the trend lead pairs for the less pricer brands.

The Hair


I am totally in awe of people that whip out braid styles like this in minutes, how on earth do you super beings do this? Well I’m lucky to have one of those braid babes in my life! Pip created this for me whilst we picked up our morning coffee in Pret. We have no shame at all, yes we did our hair in Pret for everyone to see. I can not wait to show you more of Pip’s hair creations, I’m seeing her later in the week for Stylist Live and I’m totally getting her to do my hair. I’ll be vlogging whilst I’m there so keep an eye on my YouTube channel.

As ever, thanks for reading!

Big Love,



Pinafore Delight

Primark Denim Pinafore

The Story

Primark Denim Pinafore

Well hello there! I recently went wild in the aisles in Primark and couldn’t wait to share my bargain purchases with you, I bought eleven items for £48.90, how is that even possible? Now once upon a time I used to shun Primark as I pretty much thought it was a jumble sale. Then my friends kept coming out with these wonderful pieces and telling me that they were “Primarni.” I could never believe it as the pieces always looked more high end high street, see the trick with Primark and other ‘value’ brands is to pair them with more expensive brands, a few on trend pieces and hey presto your outfit looks more luxe. Anyhow, I now bloomin love Primark, I only went in for some rubber bands for my Husbands man bun and came out with at least three outfits! Oh and no bands….woooops!

On this glorious evening myself and photographer Samuel Wiles took to Canterbury in search of the perfect shoot location. It was my favourite time of day, early evening when the light is just perfect. We decided to take a walk into Westgate Gardens, one of many beautiful gardens in Canterbury. We found the perfect spot next to the gardens wall and after many fits of laughter, we got some wonderful shots.

The Denim Pinafore

Denim Pinafore

Okay lets get to business, the star of the show, the denim pinafore. It’s from Primark, It was 12 whole pounds and it is rather good quality, like it’s heavy. There I go again talking about the weight of clothes, it’s important, right? I always swerved purchasing any form of denim from Primark, as denim is something I think you should invest in, but I really couldn’t resist this purchase. This isn’t a one season, oh it was only £12, give it to the charity shop in Spring piece. Oh no no no no, I can see me pulling this out of my wardrobe time and time again. In fact I have it on right now, it has got a bit chillier so i’ve paired it with a ribbed short sleeve polo neck. Then when it gets even chiller a jumper will easily fit underneath it, then a pair of tights and so on. You get the picture, it is versatile and timeless. The hardware is solid too, it is a great length and that huge pocket on the front gives it a more I’m from Topshop look. All in all, I am smitten.

The Talking Point T-Shirt

Are your fur real T-shirt

This is another Primark purchase and also the cutest purchase I have ever made. Who doesn’t want a furry friend on a T-Shirt? Many of my Insta friends have been asking me where this is from, they thought it was designer. To me it has a Lazy Oafs feel to it, which FYI is currently my favourite shop! Have you seen that faux fur rainbow coat on my insta feed? The T-shirt isn’t of a Lazy Oafs standard but then it was £6. It is rather on the thin side, you can definitely see my bra through it, for me though the furry friend sold it to me.

The Gold Flatforms

Gold Flatforms

These gold flatforms are my shoe best friend. I wear them all the time, they are so comfy, they make me taller, they are metallic, they go with everything and as you’ve probably guessed it, I love them. I bought them at the beginning of Summer in Zara, we all know Zara’s stock lasts about a week but that is what I sort of love about Zara. I haven’t actually seen another sole (see what I did there) in them. At the time of purchase I had to make a decision, food or shoes? Both options were shutting, there was only time for one so of course I opted for shoes. The shoe Gods were looking after me that day as they had a brand spanking new pair in the back, unworn, unstretched. My advice to you, always be nice to shop assistants that will have a look in the secret stock room for you. Nobody likes to hear the phrase “everything we have is out.” I have lived in these over the past season and I see no sign of them leaving my feet anytime soon. If you see a great pair of flatforms, purchase them, you won’t regret it.

The Gucci Satchel

Gucci SatchelGucci Satchel

When I was a teenager I worked my bottom off in restaurants and in clothes stores so that I could fulfil my Gucci handbag obsession. Back then Gucci handbags were all the rage, especially in Cheshire! Gucci then seemed to have a bit of a dip in the UK or maybe I just avoided all eye contact with them as I needed to spend my money on my mortgage, my car oh and food, you know, grown up things. But boy oh boy are they back now, they’re new collection is phenomenal and the Dionysus bag is what Gucci loving blogger dreams are made of. Alas the Dionysus is not mine so I thought I’d bring some of my old Gucci’s out of hibernation. This satchel is so old that the phone holder is the perfect size for a Nokia 3210. However as with all investment pieces it is still in perfect condition and standing the test of time. Expect to see more Gucci handbags resurrected from their dust bag over the coming blog posts.

The Pin Badges

Drink Bottle Pin Badges

It seems that the world has gone mad over pin badges recently. I’ve seen some epic pin badge creations on the ol’ Instagram, Denim jackets covered in them and looking mighty fine indeed. I have been raring to start a pin badge collection of my very own, so you could imagine my delight when my favourite jewellery designer, Esa Evans presented these beauties to me. Not only do they tick the quirky pin badge box that is oh so very on trend, they also cover something very close to my heart, GIN! Esa we really should discuss how  cute are these pins are, maybe over a Hendricks or two?

The Fishnet Socks

Fishnet Socks

Fishnets conjure up so many fabulous memories for me, I understand that this sounds rather seedy but it is completely fashion related I promise. In my uni heydays they were all the rage! I used to wear them with my faithful Topshop tartan skirt and Office shin length velvet boots. I literally thought I rocked, there are some dodgy photos floating around if you look hard enough on Facebook. The fact that they have been reborn in the form of an ankle sock (we all know how much I love an ankle sock) has made me all kinds of happy. My poor glitter socks haven’t had a look in since I purchased them. They are another Primark purchase and cost a pound. I’m going to stock up now on fishnet tights, hoping that they will help avoid the shocked looks I normally get when I have my bare legs out in November. I can fool them right?

The Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage sunglassesVintage sunglasses

Disclaimer…… These were a drunk purchase! Aren’t they often the best ones? I have bought many a designer handbag after a bottle of something fizzy and alcoholic, the credit card pain seems to disappear in this scenario, strange hey? I bought these stunners in a vintage shop for 10 Euros whilst on a recent trip to Amsterdam, tedious link to my recent Amsterdam Vlog right there! They are completely on trend (mirrored lense, round and a bar across the top) for a fraction of their designer counterparts. For me, the beauty of a vintage buy is that you’re almost guaranteed that no other being will have them. Since purchasing they’ve been complimented to the max and survived many a festival.

The Jewellery

Esa Evans x William Morris Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is another Esa Evans creation, this time she has collaborated with The William Morris Gallery. The bracelet it of such high quality and the intricate detail is just stunning, I can’t rave about her jewellery enough, you can see that it has been designed with love and each piece screams quality.


I’ve been desperate to be a part of the choker gang ever since the nineties had a come back, just like that I went from zilch to two chokers in one day. The black velvet number is from Accessorise and if you follow me on Instagram you will notice that it has become a part of my neck. Chokers go with everything and sass up everything from a plain tee to slip dress. Adding an accessory such as a choker says “listen, I’ve thought about this you know.” The ‘Gin’ Choker layered on top gives it that extra quirk that I love. This can be worn at a variety of lengths so is uber versatile.

Puck and Wanderlust Rings

Much like the choker, these midi rings from Puck Wanderlust have also become a part of my being, I can not stop wearing them. I absolutely love this brand, all their jewellery is made from recycled silver or gold. The ladies take regular trips to India, to work alongside Artisans to create each individual piece. All their stones are hand selected, ethical, hand cut and timeless. I’m aiming to have a Puck Wanderlust ring on each finger by the end of the year. Two down, eight to go!

Primark Bracelets

This Bracelet stack is £2 and once again from Primark (I told you I went wild). I originally thought it was a pack of chokers but after releasing that even my neck isn’t that small, I started to pile them on my wrist. They are adjustable to a variety of sizes, which is an added bonus if, like me most bracelets fall off your wrists. They are also mostly material which helps avoid the embarrassing green tinge that cheap jewellery often leaves. They’re great if you are wanting to go all out with the 90’s trend without breaking the bank.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this little bit of advise, if you’re going to invest, invest in pieces that are timeless rather that trend led.

Right I’m off to edit a Vlog now, oh and cook Jay some tea. No rest for the wickedly colourful.

Big Love,


Seaside Splendour

The Story

Broadstairs Beach

On this rather windy, and may I add, chilly day (seriously where is Summer?), I took to Broadstairs Beach with Joanne, AKA Petite Side Of Style. I’d never actually managed to find Broadstairs Beach before, as like a lot of Kent’s coastline gems, it is tucked away. Fortunately for me, Joanne is Kent born and bred and is showing me all that Ramsgate and Broadstairs has to offer. Boy oh boy this location did not disappoint! It was absolutely perfect for this outfit, the coloured beach huts, on the perfect sandy beach, gave it a rather fifties feel, a vibe that this outfit gave me too. The outfit was fun, the beach huts were fun and I had lots of fun shooting it.

The Tara Starlet Romper

Tara StarletTara StarletTara Starlet

I’ve been lusting after many items from Tara Starlet for quiet sometime now, I love the retro vibe that this clothing line has. Everything is colourful, individual and fun, which really is what I am all about. Some would say we’re a match made in heaven. The fabulousness doesn’t end there. Everything is made in England, their whole range is solely on their site and the likes of Paloma Faith enjoy a bit of Tara Starlet too. If it’s in Paloma’s wardrobe, I knew I had to get a bit of it myself too.

Out of everything on Tara Starlet’s site I had to have this Loveheart Romper, it is so so cute! For me the bubblegum pink colour steals the show, in my world, pink goes with everything so really it’s a win win situation. When it arrived (very swiftly FYI) the first thing I noticed was the quality, it was of such a high standard. The sort of garment that your Mum would say, “Oh yes this is worth every penny, it’s got weight to it.” The Romper is so well made and the cut is sublime. I love that it goes in at the waist but then the shorts are roomy, very flattering indeed. When I put it on I instantly felt like a Fifties pin up, it made me feel good. Top marks Tara Starlet, Perfect for Summer…….. I’ll let you know when it arrives!

JumpFromPaper Bag

JumpFromPaper bag

Okay now, lets just take a moment to talk about how much fun this bag is, could it be anymore perfect for the romper? JumpFromPaper create 3D accessories that look 2D, they mess with your mind but they are so quirky and cool, frankly I’m obsessed. I feel like I have a little bit of a cartoon world with me whenever this bag is by my side. Anybody else singing Witch Doctor right now? If not, you are now. This bag is not only a visual feast but it also holds my life in it, it is the perfect size. I’m talking make up bag, purse, iPad, phone charger, phone, the whole lot! Practical and exciting, who’d of thought it?

The Denim Espadrilles 

Denim Espadrilles

Last year I swerved the espadrille trend, I really don’t know why, I had no reasoning behind it, I just did. Why did no one have a stern word with me? I bloomin love them. They are so comfortable and go with everything. Not only that, they are a summer shoe but they don’t rely on you keeping your pedi appointments, bonanza or what? These beauties are from my beloved M&S. I eyed them up a number of months ago and knew as soon as that 20% off voucher came through my door, they would be mine. They were a bargain £29.50 and you’ll never guess what, THEY ARE IN THE SALE. They are now £15, yeah, just bought them in sand too, whoopsie.

The Jewellery 

Hot Diamonds Bracelet

My arm candy is currently on point thanks to Hot Diamonds and their sister company Emozioni. Hot Diamonds festival bracelets come in a number of different materials and colours, I’m currently having a love thang with rose gold so opted for that with pink…. can you see a theme here?  These bracelets have a real boho vibe to them, I would love to stack lots of them together for the coming festivals that I have planned. I may have to start a little collection, what do you think?

I paired this with an Emozioni spike bangle, again in rose gold. This bracelet is feminine with and edge, it can make an outfit. You can adjust its size which means you can wear it as a bangle (as seen here) or you can wear it further up your arm, a look  I have been supporting when I want my outfit to have a bit more a rock chick feel.

Esa Evans Seaweed necklace

I have been lucky enough to meet the designer behind this laser cut seaweed necklace and she is phenomenal. We just get each other, her jewellery designs are on point, right up my street and different (in a really good way). Esa Evans jewellery line is like nothing I have ever seen before, yet I think everyone I know would love it! Seriously who wouldn’t want a cat bangle or pineapple earrings? She has a new line coming out as we speak, all laser cut, all really great quality and I hate to say it again, but I’m going to, it’s weighty. There’s nothing worse than light jewellery. Esa Evans jewellery is fun and it quirks up any outfit, what more do you want? If you know me, expect to see a little bit of this greatness in your birthday presents to come.

Thomas Sabo Bracelet

You may have noticed that my jewellery game has been well and truly upped recently and it’s all thanks to Iconic Jewellers in Canterbury. They have introduced me to so many phenomenal jewellery brands. Whenever I visit them I am like Aladdin when he finds the jewelled filled cave. One of those brands is Thomas Sabo. These bracelets, from Thomas Sabo have added a pop of colour to this and many other outfits. The Love Bridge Bracelet in particular is a firm favourite of mine, it’s relaxed enough to wear it continuously and I love that you can get the metal engraved. The Love Bridge comes in a number of different metals and materials so you can have it to suit your individual style. Pair this with a classic charm bracelet that Thomas Sabo are so well know for and you are good to go!

Broadstairs beach

Thank you for reading you lovely lot, do leave me a comment, it makes me ever so happy.

Big Love,